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My New DreaMS · 2W ago

Let the Crazy Summer BEGIN!

Here are some photos of Av's freshman diving banquets ~The Neenah swimmers and Diver that were a honored at the banquet for All-State  All-State award
My New DreaMS · 1M ago

Here We GO

Spring is in the air ~ So Bring on the Change!  I'm hoping for a stellar yard n flowers this year with the whole April Showers brings May flowers.  WOW did we have some rain!  The temps are ...
My New DreaMS · 2M ago

Fun n the Sun on Spring Break

There is ALWAYS a story to be told when we decide to go on "Vacation".   We chose to go down to St. Petersburg, FL this year for Spring Break.  Boy did we pick an amazing week to be down the...
My New DreaMS · 4M ago

This too shall pass

Things at the Osero household are running smoothly.  Can't say that too often!  It's always hard to blog when things are going well.  Even the weather outside has been delightful the past fe...
My New DreaMS · 5M ago

Growing UP ~ Hello TEENAGE Years

13 years old!  OH MY WORD ~ A milestone I didn't know if I'd see.  What a MIRACLE to have 13 years....when from the beginning we were told "it would be a miracle IF he makes it to his FIRST ...
My New DreaMS · 6M ago


Today is my day ~ to drop my mask, stop the act, unload the feelings which are all things I work very hard at keeping to myself.  I allow myself THIS DAY to feel the struggle, play the what ...
My New DreaMS · 6M ago


The State HIGH is now winding down.  Wow ~ what a ride!  The Local NBC26 news station did an awesome story on Av and Danny.  TEARS!!  I put together all the clips and made it one video.  I h...
My New DreaMS · 7M ago

Wisconsin STATE Champion!! **UPDATED with video at end**

I'm so PROUD ~ her hard work and dedication definitely showed on Saturday at the State competetion. Av competed against 24 of Wisconsin's top divers and .......SHE WON! Av is the BEST DIVER ...
My New DreaMS · 7M ago


Wow do I have a lot to catch up on!!  The Osero household fell down with a nasty cold virus that hit everyone including some nurses.  Not the best time as there has been SO MUCH going on, bu...
My New DreaMS · 8M ago

Boasting with Pride ~ She's Bulletproof

If the title didn't give it away .... this is going to be a brag post.  Seeing Av's Birthday is next week (she will be turning 14 on October 24) I find this fitting to show you my amazing da...