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Myas · 2W ago


  No vampires today I am so ashamed Not really but watched an old black and white A murder mystery a writer writing a story an audience privy as it unfolds People shot but no blood no mangle...
Myas · 1M ago

If You Pour A Shot Of Espresso Into A Mug It’s Still Only A Shot

I woke with that sense of impending doom, that death feeling but I think I should go back to sleep, work time is soon. Four a.m. comes around and I should get the last couple of hours. Execu...
Myas · 1M ago

I Was Innocent

He would punch me in the face his favorite place Does that make you feel better I’d fight back you see nail him right in the jewels worthless things  That’d snap him out of it and he’d laugh...
Myas · 1M ago

Laugh In Space

Myas · 1M ago

Just Like Romeo And Juliet

Bubblegum music from way back Hardly so seeing everyone’s dead Lesson learned Let’s see Poor communication Or she’d’ve known he was faking it and would revive Or He’d’ve known she was faking...
Myas · 1M ago

A Banshee For A Girlfriend

  I saw a hell hound put out with a fire extinguisher Who knew He said hey I know their secret plan I’m fine go get them As they overcame the pale riders on the storm No souls for them today...
Myas · 1M ago

I Am Legion

  Let’s connect the dots the Hulk dots of all we’ve known over time. There has been no other superhero so exploited. Generation after generation he keeps creeping up, a newer, younger versio...
Myas · 1M ago


  Jingle all the way…  
Myas · 2M ago

Not What It Seemed

Who says you can’t reason with a headless man Yes you can Just give him back his head “Horseman, go long And take her as your bride The one who wronged you Right by your side” Then smiling h...
Myas · 2M ago


I can never figure out how European women do it! They wrap their shawls so perfectly should a tornado sneak up behind them catching them in its funnel and their lifeless body is spewed out f...