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Myas · 21h ago

My Lost Episode

    I didn’t think twice when I saw it The end of the season and the ritual incomplete But you both had always been each other’s nemesis What else would be new So let’s see what a new season...
Myas · 1W ago

Hypnagogic Or Am I ‘Nopompic

  Getting ready to relax this ran through my head:   When you wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter how close or far Or what you do, your dream comes true But what about if you choose stand ta...
Myas · 2W ago

Time Machine 1978

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Myas · 2W ago

Could Be A Novel

  Oh my poor scrambled brains!   ‘You want me to give you my groceries? For real, my groc… You want to take the fruit I bought this morning for my babies at the day care? What are you going ...
Myas · 2W ago

I scored 90% on the “QUIZ: Can You Name These Superheroes?” Quiz. How will you do?

Source: I scored 90% on the “QUIZ: Can You Name These Superheroes?” Quiz. How will you do?Filed under: Uncategorized
Myas · 3W ago

The Crow Caught The Roach

  He came back to avenge his love Both murdered on Devil’s Night Just married Tried to be Guess who And what do you know The theme to Supernatural plays Know that anywhere But Morally speaki...
Myas · 1M ago

Curious Things

“I think I’ll give them the extra rinse…” She was thinking sitting there hating when the bathroom rugs had to be washed, they shed so much, an unpleasant surprise she’d discovered. Got into ...
Myas · 1M ago

Short Of A Six-Pack

  Not sure what happened but the word document is a different size. How do I get it full screen? Why did it change? I hate it when this happens or maybe I’ll like it better.   Coffee’s up. T...
Myas · 1M ago


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Myas · 1M ago

Van Helsing On Deck

  She felt a sting near the knot tied at her hip. Absentminded she brushed and settled into the chaise and the second sting. “What the…” she brushed again, glanced at her side but it was at ...