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Myas · 1w ago

Descended From Angels

    Men are descended from the angels Archangels point of fact I figured it out as I watched A prophecy indeed And contemplated Now where does that leave us   I need you to have my child He’...
Myas · 1W ago

‘Tween Places Four

  Another policeman got out. “Is he asleep?” The first one knocked on the window not too hard just firm enough to wake him but he didn’t stir. “I hate to do this.” “Maybe he’s drunk and slee...
Myas · 1M ago

Maybe I Should Post It In The Monster Blog Because Of Its Genre  Filed under: Apocalypse Right Now, Horror And Poetry, RIP Tagged: COOKING, fami...
Myas · 1M ago


  Based on a fellow blogger’s lamentations I couldn’t resist. Now I thought it was a little early to bring it up but there are hints and previews of what to expect this Christmas season; in ...
Myas · 1M ago

Sunday Is Forever Vampire

    But I just don’t want to disturb the peace right now OK so the washer is on in the background Not completely silent That’s different than something on the screen TV screen My feet are co...
Myas · 2M ago

Whatever Happened To Q.

  There was a lot to digest. First his mom was dead but she wasn’t seeing she’d appeared to him and they’d stayed up most of the night drinking coffee and talking about where he’s from, the ...
Myas · 2M ago

My Lost Episode

    I didn’t think twice when I saw it The end of the season and the ritual incomplete But you both had always been each other’s nemesis What else would be new So let’s see what a new season...
Myas · 2M ago

Hypnagogic Or Am I ‘Nopompic

  Getting ready to relax this ran through my head:   When you wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter how close or far Or what you do, your dream comes true But what about if you choose stand ta...
Myas · 2M ago

Time Machine 1978

Filed under: sci-fi & fantasy Tagged: time travel
Myas · 2M ago

Could Be A Novel

  Oh my poor scrambled brains!   ‘You want me to give you my groceries? For real, my groc… You want to take the fruit I bought this morning for my babies at the day care? What are you going ...