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English - Parenting, Sport, Fatherhood · 5d ago

How Sports Make The World Go Round

Sports are a very complex thing, for some, it’s their life. It’s their everything. It’s the reason they wake up in the morning. It’s their purpose. And for others, it gives them a buzz of ex... · 1W ago

Looking Stylish On The Sofa

Everyone has down time, and everyone likes to spend their down time in different ways. And yet, often in the modern day and age, it’s usually spent in a pair of sweatpants and a comfy shirt,... · 2W ago

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If there is something that every homeowner should do, it is look for ways to boost their energy efficiency. Not only is this critical in terms of doing your bit for the planet, but it can si... · 2W ago

What You Might Need To Do When Your Child Wants To Learn A Muscial Instrument

We want to encourage our children to try as much as they can during their childhood years and hobbies are a great way to allow them to learn something new and even some vital life skills. Mu... · 3W ago

What No One Tells You before You Go to Wimbledon

Are you thinking about visiting Wimbledon for the first time this year? Perhaps you have always wanted to go and it is something you dream about doing in the future? Either way, whenever you... · 1M ago

Unusual Hobbies For Kids

From as little as a year old you can let your little ones explore a whole host of hobbies until they find something that they love. You know as a parent that the most important thing is that... · 1M ago

How to Make the Most Out of Your Holiday Time

Holidays never seem to be long enough. We all come back feeling that we could have seen more attractions or met more people. The challenge is that we are often facing information overload. A... · 1M ago

The Small Duties Of Being A Good Father

It’s important to know how to raise a child well. Wait, is that possible? Is there a guide on the internet that could tell you how to raise a child, a living and new human being, to an adequ... · 2M ago

8 Popular Sleeping Myths Debunked by Science

8 Popular Sleeping Myths Debunked by Science As an extraordinary state that transcends the realms of both physicality and psychology, sleep has become somewhat of an enigma – even in the wor... · 3M ago

4 Easter Traditions to Start with Your Kids

Easter is a lovely time to spend with the family, have a bit of fun and appreciate being together. From family feasts and Easter egg hunts to baking and crafts, there are plenty of activitie...