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MyMathima English-Batteries not included

English - Tutoring, Esl, Efl
MyMathima · 9M ago

on ends.

Normally I would begin with something along the lines of “it’s this time of year again” or “another school year came to a close”. But not this time. This time things are different; deeper, m...
MyMathima · 1Y ago

Ventures in Vocation – rants and prospects

As months keep flying by in 2017, I’ve found myself in exceptionally busy and challenging environments, so blogging – or rather, posting – fell behind a little. Writing has always been a dif...
MyMathima · 1Y ago

Keeping it Practical – TESOL with Greek pulse

Reviews and reflections coming soon…for now, the traditional yet unparalleled vibes of TesolGreece -well, a small taste at least…A big thank you and a big hug to all! Here we are:
MyMathima · 1Y ago

Just being there…#TeacherHub Discussions

It’s the first steps in March and things are on the whole going well. So well, it’s almost scary. There has been a lot of work and preparations in the background and it hit me once again tha...
MyMathima · 1Y ago

To all good things coming up #spreadthejoy

January 1st, 2017 – sounds nice! People say that however the first day of the year finds you, that’s how the rest of the year will go. If I take this literally, I’ll be spending the whole of...
MyMathima · 1Y ago

Special Together #KindnessHunt

Every school year begins with the same project for my younger learners: a lively language hunt, which is then held every two weeks around the area they live in, as learners form groups and h...
MyMathima · 1Y ago

To great beginnings…#littlereflections

I can’t think of a better way to start the school year other than diving into the learning zone; and not just any learning zone, but the one where you’re surrounded and nudged forward by exc...
MyMathima · 1Y ago

Essentials for nomad teachers

“Μετακομίζεις;” There’s some Greek for “Are you moving house?”. And that’s the comment I received once from a friend, when I joined her for a rare, middle-of-the-day coffee. I remember looki...
MyMathima · 1Y ago

TeacherHub discussions #FreelancerDiary

Third year in freelance teaching…it’s a little overwhelming, I guess, but on the whole the rewards have been multiple and coming from unexpected turns of time –  which means I’ve found mysel...
MyMathima · 1Y ago

Game it!

I might be away on project work, but great things are in store and just wanted to share the excitement 🙂 So here’s a little preview…until the end of September when I’ll be meeting & sharing ...