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MyMonkeys · 1d ago

Tubchairs - Review. Artemis Grey Fabric Tub Chair!

When we had an extra room added to the house by way of a loft extension, we got an armchair to use in there. My thinking was a little haven, with TV, comfy chair and of course the usual stuf...
MyMonkeys · 3d ago

British History Timeline - Review Board Game Blogger!

As Board Game Bloggers we were recently sent the British History Timeline Game from Esdevium Games. For players from aged 8+, I was worried our youngest who is 6, would not be able to join i...
MyMonkeys · 1w ago

Justice League - itty bittys & Us!

To celebrate the all new Justice League film, Hallmark have launched their very own itty bittys Superhero gang! They are super cute. Let me introduce to you - The Flash, Batman, Supergirl, B...
MyMonkeys · 1W ago

Ready Brek & DespicableME 3

How many of you love a good heart warming breakfast on a cold winters morning AND a good movie? We've been starting the day off with a bowl of Ready Brek and treating ourselves to some quali...
MyMonkeys · 1W ago

Creating a New Logo with Logojoy! - Review

I've had my blog logo for sometime now and love it but I wanted to see what else is out there! I've recently been playing on a logo building website from the US, which helps you to create a ...
MyMonkeys · 2W ago

My Sunday Photo!

MyMonkeys · 3W ago

Zuru Shnooks!

Zuru Shnooks (from bubble to best friend) are the latest craze to hit the shops! Bubble packed plush toys that grow (up to 8x in size). Just open, shake and style! Collect them all. There ar...
MyMonkeys · 3W ago

SmartGlobe Adventure AR - Review

For as long as I can remember big monkey has been interested in World flags and Countries around the globe. I always loved Geography at school, so maybe he takes after me! For a while I've b...
MyMonkeys · 3W ago

My Sunday Photo!

MyMonkeys · 3W ago

Trespass Kids Rockcliff 3 in 1 Jacket - Review

Ever have one of those days when something happens and you know it happens for a reason! Just the other week we were discussing having to buy big monkey a new winter coat, (as he has grown o...