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English - Progressive, Humor · 21h ago

Fwd: Fw: Just so you know...........

Kaepernick's Oppression Just so you know and understand where he’s coming from…this is the oppression that mediocre ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been forced to en... · 1d ago

Fwd: Fw: You will like this.

Trump's White House           On Friday, the Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the n... · 2d ago

Fwd: Fw: Why did she lose

I still haven't figured out why she lost.    Was it the Russians?  was it wikileaks?  was it Podesta?  Was it a sexual predator husband? or was her closest staffer's husband Weiner's i... · 3d ago

FW: Fwd: Dem-Wit

A liberal friend asked me what I thought he might need in order to defend his home and family from home invasion I suggested a 9mm, a couple of clips, and a box of shells ... · 6d ago

Fwd: Fw: Former Asst FBI Director Unleashes on Hillary, Crimes "20 Times" Worse Than Watergate

Former Asst FBI Director Unleashes on Hillary, Crimes “20 Times” Worse Than Watergate BY CILLIAN ZEALNOVEMBER 14, 2017 AT 9:18AM In a recent appearance on Fox Business’ “Varney and Co.,” f... · 1W ago

Fwd: Fw: Is there anything CNN wouldn't do to defame the President - See the edited and unedited video

The Horn News CNN just caught spreading lies again NOVEMBER 7, 2017 by Stephen Dietrich, Managing Editor Monday, CNN reporter Veronica Rocha was caught by none-other than The Washington ... · 1W ago

Fwd: Fw: BREAKING: Robert Mueller's Corrupt Past Exposed - Time to Resign

BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s Corrupt Past Exposed – Time to Resign November 4, 2017 Image Source: Screenshot While Democrats have placed a lot of hope on the shoulders of special investig... · 1W ago

Fwd: Fw: 1. Hillary Clinton’s Past Exposed 2. Proof Against Hillary Uncovered – She’s Guilty

BREAKING: Top Republican Exposes Hillary Clinton’s Past November 4, 2017 Joseph Sohm / The depths of the Clinton’s corruption has been an open secret for years now. ... · 1W ago

Fwd: Fw: BREAKING: Barack Obama Implicated -Cover-Up - Obama's Disturbing Past

November 3, 2017 Ververidis Vasilis / Despite Obama’s chief of staff’s claim that his administration had been “historically free of scandal,” former President Barack... · 2W ago

Fwd: Fw: A Cross unexplained

This cross was put up on this mountain many years ago to honor the veterans of World War II.  These pictures were taken during the Southern California fires. It is the last picture that is s...