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MySideOfTheBar · 4h ago

63 Bars in 30 Days

As most of my tens of readers know Central Patti and I just spent a month in Key West. Most people don't know it but Key West is a very small island and is only 4 miles long by 2 miles wide....
MySideOfTheBar · 1W ago

They Called Him One...

Well we will get to that later. Shawn Sullivan A.K.A Sully, only about two years apart in age, however running in the same circles we seemed to always be on opposite sites in sports. He was ...
MySideOfTheBar · 1M ago

So Why?

So this guy crossed in front of me the other day while I was walking to the storeSo I had to stop and talk to him an ask the age old question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"His reply ...
MySideOfTheBar · 1M ago

Hello From the Islands

As most of my 10's of readers know MySideOfTheBar is spending the month of February in Key West. Which can probably figure means visits to many, many drinking establishments. I thought I wou...
MySideOfTheBar · 1M ago

Just When You Think You Heard it all!

There is this story sent to me by a regular contributor.The Sierra Club and the U. S. Forest Service were presenting an alternative to the  Wyoming  ranchers for controlling the coyotepopula...
MySideOfTheBar · 2M ago

Why Cigars Are Awesome

MySideOfTheBar · 2M ago

A Story of Hayman's Old Tom Gin

This is hard for me to believe, however this is one of the best Gin's I have ever tasted. The story is not bad either There will be much more on Hayman's Old Tom Gin in the future here at My...
MySideOfTheBar · 2M ago

The Peppermint Toddy

A friend posted a link to this "Cough Remedy" the other day and I (as most of you) this time of year had leftover candy canes. This is simply a take on the original Hot Toddy that I blogged ...
MySideOfTheBar · 2M ago

Peppermint Shot Glasses with Candy Cane Vodka

These look like a lot of fun and you can expect to see them @mysideofthebar next year. You can also make other types of shot glasses including ice shot glassesCheersThe Professor
MySideOfTheBar · 4M ago

Moving Along

Moving along with this tale on an EPIC summer not all bars we visited were pool bars.One such is actually MySideOfTheBarATL where we spend most summer days sitting and drinkingAnother hangou...