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nakedpastor · 2h ago

Is Your Image of God Evolving?

OWN THIS CARTOON Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13… a chapter that is read at so many weddings… “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I...
nakedpastor · 22h ago

Have you Inherited your Parents’ Theology?

OWN THIS CARTOON Of course parents should teach their children what they know and what they believe to be true. We did. As our parents did for us. But at some point I needed...
nakedpastor · 2d ago

What About the Invisible Wounds?

It’s good to be aware that pretty much everybody you meet and engage with has invisible wo...
nakedpastor · 3d ago

Suffering and Stupid Theological Explanations

Maybe it goes something like this: 1. Stub toe: God’s too busy to bother with that. 2. Get...
nakedpastor · 5d ago

Questions to the Rescue

OWN THIS CARTOON Most of us would rather wither up and die in our certainty than allow questions to interfere with our tidy beliefs. Why? Because our beliefs work for us. Remember: we believ...
nakedpastor · 5d ago

They Went and Turned it into a Religion!

OWN THIS CARTOON ORIGINAL OR PRINT The man who they called Jesus may have provoked a reform of his own religion, but he did not intend to start a new one. Certainly his life...
nakedpastor · 1w ago

The Edge of the Field is the Edge of the Forest

BUY THIS PAINTING I often find myself in the margins. Somewhere between clarity and darkne...
nakedpastor · 1W ago


GET THIS T-SHIRT! Of course I see the irony in this exclamation! But I do believe questions are greater. Why? Because they have the greatest ability to open the mind, whereas exclamations ha...
nakedpastor · 1W ago

But This Isn’t What I Planted!

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nakedpastor · 1W ago

Is Trump to Obama what Falwell is to Jesus?

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