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nakedpastor · 17h ago

“Goodbye Gord Downie” Tribute Cartoon Art

A fellow Canadian Gord Downie passed away yesterday. Such a great loss! All night I was thinking about what to draw in tribute to him. This morning when I awakened this is what I...
nakedpastor · 1d ago

Jesus In Between

JOIN MY SMALL GROUP ON CREATIVITY For most of my life I was a believer. Then when I entered into the heat of my deconstruction battle, I was agnostic. Finally, when I had fully...
nakedpastor · 2d ago

Why Not Just Listen?

Join The Lasting Supper: We know how to listen. Why Not Just Listen? Do you know the power of listening? When we are given space to tell our stories, we are also empowered to...
nakedpastor · 3d ago

I’m Opening Up a Small Group for Creatives!

I’m really excited about a new project I’m introducing to you today. My newest creative venture is into the world of… creativity! I absolutely love hanging around creative types. Even more, ...
nakedpastor · 4d ago

The Government’s Number One Antagonist

GET THIS CARTOON PRINT The Church’s primary role in relation to the State is prophetic.
nakedpastor · 5d ago

Sophia Canoe: Allow Yourself to Appreciate New Things

GET A PRINT Sophia “CANOE”: In my escape from my imprisonment, I came across this abandone...
nakedpastor · 6d ago

Why I Started The Lasting Supper

GET THIS CARTOON Why I Started The Lasting Supper I started TLS for basically 3 reasons: 1. I was lonely. I had left the church community and was now left on my own. Ya,...
nakedpastor · 1w ago

Shaping the Dreams of our Girls

OWN THIS PRINT OR THE ORIGINAL DRAWING Let them dream. Let them fulfill. Actually, relinquish your power to let. Their freedom is already theirs. You only need honor it. (Come join others wh...
nakedpastor · 1W ago

For the Women who Dare to Share their Stories

OWN THIS CARTOON! It takes a lot of bravery for a woman to risk telling her story. More people are just realizing that now. And my heart is also with those who haven’t risked...
nakedpastor · 1W ago

My Most Popular Cartoon About Sexism

Is the world becoming more sexist? No. But sexism is getting more exposed. Why? I think mainly because more women are naming it, resisting it, and reporting it.