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Nancy's Novels · 12h ago

Like scary stories? Try The Helland Reckoning!

Novels Read Recently Update 1! Are you able to read paranormal horror easily? I really don't think I'm very good at it because The Helland Reckoning by Adrian Martin (published by Crooked Ca...
Nancy's Novels · 21h ago

It's a Summer Surprise from Columbkill Noonan!

Happy Wednesday greetings to you!As part of my Summer Surprises for You theme we continue with a visit from a fellow Crooked Cat Books author Columbkill Noonan who has a very exciting day to...
Nancy's Novels · 2d ago

#The Battle of Harlaw 1411!

Monday Moments Greetings to you! I tend to write a lot about the pre-historic Ancient Roman Invasion of the Garioch area of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, but my local Garioch area has been invad...
Nancy's Novels · 4d ago

A Warrior Poet

Thursday Already? This week is flying by for all sorts of reasons. My leisure reading has been limited but I have managed to read something light and easy. When I'm in the mood for a simple ...
Nancy's Novels · 1W ago

Summer Surprises with #The List

Its a Wednesday Summer Surprise for you!Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to a new guest to this blog who has come with the kind of Summer Surprise that I absolutely love since it means ...
Nancy's Novels · 1W ago

Another #Discovered Diamond for Book3 #Celtic Fervour Series!

Tuesday continues the smiles! After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks, Book 3 of my #Celtic Fervour Series has also received a 'Discovered Diamond' Review from Discovering Diamonds.Once again the...
Nancy's Novels · 1W ago

Monday... sMiles today with a Discovered Diamond Award!

Happy Monday wishes to you! The sun has been shining today. Yes, believe it or not in my part of Scotland it really is a pleasantly warm 20 ish Deg C. with a light balmy wind.Even better to ...
Nancy's Novels · 1W ago

Ah, juniper ...and a Sunday Snippet!

Sunday Surprise!About Juniper... and if you read on there's a bonus Sunday Selection from my current writing. (not edited) Juniper -Scotland,  Wikimedia CommonsJuniperAs I write my current m...
Nancy's Novels · 1W ago

#carmel flan and other goodies

Thursday travels!I'm over at Isabella May, today, talking about all sorts of things important to me. Come and join usHERE. Slainthe!
Nancy's Novels · 1W ago

# in the name of Mercurius!

Wednesday wishes to you in the name of #Mercurius!In Scotland, before we had 'Wednesday' (our mid week day whose name was acquired from Wodens Day of the Anglo/Saxon era) I'm not sure what i...