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Naturally Sweet Sisters · 2W ago

A Shareable Post: Fantasy Vs. Reality

I spend quite a bit of time talking to families and sharing experiences, insight and learning towards caring for our loved ones living with T1D.  To me, this is a silver lining of our own dx...
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 2W ago

Do You Know How to Use Mini-Glucagon?

Visit Myglu.orgI wrote this as patient advocate for the T1D Exchange as sometimes, even in this modern world of information exchange, useful #T1D tools are not shared.  My hope is that this ...
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 3W ago

Prom Dresses and Insulin Pumps - They DO go together

Tubed, patch, and MDI, are all choices within #T1D world. While there may be strong opinions about what works best but the truth of the matter is #YDMMV (Your Diabetes Mileage May Vary - as ...
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 1M ago

NEW for 2018! Diabetemoji by

If sharing is caring, than we have an app to make your pancreas happy!  Check it out!!!New for 2018 - The Diabetemoji App is available starting TODAY!
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 1M ago

Crashing Low - A Teen Perspective

I recently read a blog account of what a low blood sugar felt like for an adult friend of mine living with T1D.  I won't pretend that it didn't bother me, because it did.  It's a sad reality...
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 1M ago

Things I Want You To Know About Living With Type 1 Diabetes

My best ideas often come from places where I am completely shrouded in silence... like that alone time in the car or during my morning shower. As I zone out the rest of the world (not entire...
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 1M ago

Teenaged Diabetes Ramblings for Newbies

The girls are continuing to do well with school, activities, work and T1D.  Nothing seems to slow them down.  In general, life is very good and they are living their lives just like any of t...
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 1M ago

ADA Call to Congress 2018

A few days ago, our oldest daughter and I had the pleasure of attending the American Diabetes Association 'Call to Congress', held in Washington, D.C..  And wow!  What a wonderful opportunit...
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 2M ago


Hi Patients, Families and Friends - Just a quick note to share that there are TWO exciting research opportunities through Nemours.  You do NOT need to be a patient or live in the area becaus...
Naturally Sweet Sisters · 2M ago

Treatment Number 2

Last night, our youngest completed treatment number 2 towards her Chronic Urticaria.  Overall, it seemed to be a smoother process.  She knew what to expect in terms of the injections and bec...