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deeply shallow · 2d ago

#bookreview: Storm in Shanghai | @M_to_the_Bush

Storm in Shanghai by J.M. BushMy rating: 4 of 5 stars2015 finds former speedcaster champion Jaret King leading a joint mage & wizard law enforcement team in Shanghai. Sent to investigate the...
deeply shallow · 3d ago

#musicmonday: Question Mark | Neal Morse

Oblation, vows, the promise of faithAtonement, the wine, oil and cakesThe sheep, the goats, acceptable in his eyesThe maimed, the blemished, the scurvy scabbedThe creeping things, the firstb...
deeply shallow · 1W ago

#musicmonday: Faith My Eyes | Caedmon's Call

So keep 'em coming, these lines on the roadAnd keep me responsible be it a light or heavy loadAnd keep me guessing with these blessings in disguiseAnd I'll walk with grace my feet and faith ...
deeply shallow · 3W ago

#bookreview: Arrivals by @scifrey

Arrivals by J.M. FreyMy rating: 4 of 5 starsForsyth is gone, leaving the Shadow Hand's Mask behind for Bevel. The Viceroy has been defeated, leaving a sudden dearth of battles to fight. The ...
deeply shallow · 3W ago

#musicmonday: Tea and Sympathy | Jars of Clay

Because it came up on the Jar of Gems CD.And I've been thinking about tea.So maybe you should submit something.---So fare thee wellWords the bag of leaves that fill my headI could taste the...
deeply shallow · 3W ago

Saturday Setlist

The shout of the King is among usGod lives here in our praisesOur God is a lionThe Lion of Judah (praise)He's roaring with powerAnd fighting our battlesEvery knee will bow before HimSpirit l...
deeply shallow · 3W ago

#Fridayflash: Accelerando (Another #Dongeng excerpt)

The house is quiet. His son and daughter-in-law have gone out somewhere—he does not know where, does not ask. They are adults, after all, and he is merely a visitor—and the boy is most likel...
deeply shallow · 4W ago

#bookreview: Seeing Red | Lina Meruane

Seeing Red by Lina MeruaneMy rating: 2 of 5 starsWhen the veins in Lina's eyes burst, filling her sight with blood, she struggles through months of blindness, wavering between attempting to ...
deeply shallow · 1M ago

#musicmonday: The Secret Place | Phil Wickham

deeply shallow · 1M ago

North Star

Sometime in the distant past, you've fixed your North Star; in your heart, your mind, your soul. Every fibre of your being knows who it is--but somehow you've lost sight. Your compass broke....