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nebraskaenergyobserver · 19h ago

Blood and Earth

Steve Berman wrote an article for yesterday’s Resurgent. I think he makes quite a valid point. Here’s some of what he said: […] Europeans are very much into discussing Trump, and generally t...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1d ago

Free Men Celebrating Free Men

I got tied up and forgot to post this yesterday, that by no means suggests I forgot the day or the men who made it a remembrance. Just as on 4 July, many will think a bit of America, or on 1...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 2d ago

Farragut at New Orleans

David Glasgow Farragut had a problem; he’d been shelling the forts below New Orleans for a solid week, expending 15,000 shells. He was starting to shake some of his ships apart, and it seeme...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 3d ago


A really good one, from Bill Whittle. Finally, I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel, of course, it could still be a train.
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1W ago

What a Coincidence

The last few days, I’ve been deep into a project, which as usual is taking a lot more time than expected. So since I haven’t been getting much done here, and very little writing done, you ge...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1W ago

H.R. McMaster on Easy War

{This first ran as The Pipe Dream of Easy War here back in the Summer of 2013. It’s a pretty good indication of why our foreign policy suddenly looks like the adults are in charge again} Mic...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1W ago

Finally, a Rational Foreign Policy

So, are you having trouble figuring out Trump’s foreign policy? Yeah, it’s different than we are used to. Bookworm had an article the other day, that made a fair amount of sense. When the Gr...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1W ago

Christ is Risen

That’s the importance of the day. Jesus the Christ is risen from the dead. A few words on some of the symbolism, The term Easter comes from the old Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, although th...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1W ago

My folk, what have I done to thee?

Our friend A Clerk of Oxford: ‘My folk, what have I done to thee? with some of William Herebert’s Improperia, appropriate to the day. My folk, what have I done to thee? Or in what thing ange...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1W ago

Good? Friday

When I was a child, I always wondered how the day when Jesus suffered murder by the state could be called Good. As I grew up and put away childish things and thoughts, I came to understand t...