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nebraskaenergyobserver Looking at energy generation, distribution and use; mostly i

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nebraskaenergyobserver · 21h ago


Melanie Phillips wrote about the comments Trump made in his speech last week about Sweden. Here’s a bit It turns out he’d been talking about a TV documentary on this subject to which he’d se...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1d ago

CPAC Sunday

How about a bit more from CPAC? Well, why not. Have to admit, I like the guy more as we go along. He fights. Nigel Farage? But of course. Steve Bannon, seeing him is pretty rare. Rustbelt, R...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 2d ago

Hyper Puissance, The American Way, and Donald Trump

If you’ve been following along here, a few days ago, I posted on how Donald Trump was forcing American government (constitutionally, no less) to run at something like the speed of American b...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 3d ago

Immigration, and some from CPAC

So, on Tuesday, General Kelly gave an order to his people on immigration. In short, it said this: Henceforth, the United States shall be governed by the laws of the United States. As said on...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 4d ago

UK and US Stuff That Caught My Eye Yesterday: Enjoy

Ramirez: One of the really fun things to do here is to feature people who are friends, or at least you get to interact with on a regular basis. One of the people in this video is somewhere o...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 5d ago

The End Of Identity Politics

From Victor Davis Hanson Who are we? asked the liberal social scientist Samuel Huntington over a decade ago in a well-reasoned but controversial book. Huntington feared the institutionalizat...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 6d ago

The Conservative Counterculture

Kind of funny, really. When I was a kid (in the 60s) I was a hopeless square, being conservative, and even believing in God, although I had my problems with Him, as most do. But, hey, look a...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1w ago

Jane Rowe, RIP

It has been announced that Norma McCorvey, who we all know as Jane Roe has died. We all know that her lawsuit, pushed all the way to the Supreme Court (mostly by feminist activists who used ...
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1W ago

Sunday Miscellany

It’s Sunday, I’m late (and lazy) so here’s some stuff for your education and enlightenment, without working too hard.     And, of course
nebraskaenergyobserver · 1W ago

The Trump Mutiny

Steve Berman advanced a thesis the other day. I think he has a point. It seems to me to be just about what is going on. The Caine Mutiny is one of my favorite books, and the intellectual ( p...