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Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 2d ago

Walking Through Walls

A writing experiment I did across 2014-2016 was  Walking Through Walls, an ongoing fantasy noir serial that ran in Utah Geek Magazine. My tale ran for the first 13 issues and came out to jus...
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 3W ago

Mirages and Speculations

A short weird western of mine has just been reprinted in Mirages and Speculations: Science Fiction and Fantasy from the Desert - available hereMany of you are likely as not, already familiar...
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 1M ago

At The Highways of Madness

I've been remiss in keeping up with the blog, letting things slide as I try to accomplish the "real" writing.In any case, besides BRUTAL - which has been receiving some great reviews - Thank...
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 2M ago

It's Gonna Get BRUTAL

My latest book BRUTAL is out now!So I decided to try my hand at a pen name - I'm not too worried about the secretiveness of it because either you all are gonna know anyway or you're the type...
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 3M ago

Posting over at On An Underwood 5

In case you missed it, I did a guest post over at the On An Underwood 5 blogTalking about my affinity and kinship to Robert E. Howard. Thanks to Todd Vick for inviting me over.
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 3M ago

States of Deseret

I love alternate history. And of course I love my peculiar faith, so I have to be all about a bizarre mixing of the two whenever possible. So, just like he was a driving force behind Monster...
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 4M ago

Crazy Horses Riding Everywhere

Crazy Horses is LIVE!And get this - I set it up on pre-order - in part to push myself to hurry up and finish = pulp speed don't you know, and it worked. Just really glad I found a great edit...
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 4M ago

Pulp Revolution with STORYHACK! JACK!

Bryce Beatty contacted me on twitter awhile back and came over to my palatial office and interviewed me back here (I just looked it up for the link - that was June of last year! Wow! Time fl...
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 5M ago

Pulp it Up!

I've been on Spring Break vacation with the family all week - we saw some real cool sites all over the Arches, Canyonlands and Capital Reef National parks - I got some great pic's, found a f...
Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart · 5M ago

FanX 2017 Recap

I'm a week late, that's life. But hey, in that last week, the dictation software = Dragon, I have talked about for years now - is actually working for me. So I'll do a post about that very s...