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NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 1M ago

Mental Rehab

A couple of months ago I was talking with my agility trainer about some concerns I had about Maddie. There was this video of Maddie running in a practice match when she was barely two years ...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 1M ago

NDTC Trial - Maddie

Year 2017 has started off great for Maddie and I. She ran very well and we earned two double qualifiers with one first place, two third places, and a forth. We now have 12 QQs towards her fi...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 3M ago

Agility Eggs - Maddie

It has been strange going from running three greyhounds to just one in half a year. All of the agility eggs are now in Maddie's basket. She is so different and challenging, but she is doing ...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 4M ago

Retirement - Riley

So Riley is retired now. I got my signs.The first sign was a husky sound when she was panting hard. It was kind of off and on over the last few months, but definitely becoming more consistently heard more often than not. The problem is that if I took...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 4M ago

Nosework - Seven

Seven is settling into retirement in her usual unsettled way. I always thought she would be tough to live with if she were retired, but she basically the same. She is and has always been und...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 5M ago

It's For The Dogs

In June 2015, we bought and moved to a new house. The backyard was one of the huge selling...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 6M ago

Blur of Fur - Maddie

I also got some nice photos of Maddie at the Blur of Fur. Like Riley, Maddie also did not see what all of the fuss was about and had little interest in the flirt pole or squawkers.I am reall...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 6M ago

Blur of Fur - Riley

Back in May, I took Riley and Maddie to Southeastern Greyhound Club's Greyfest.  Each greyhound has the chance to run across an arena against a radar detector and a photographer takes photos...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 6M ago

CKC and DCA Trial - Maddie

No QQs for Maddie and I at this trial. We appear to have a little dry streak looming. Maddie was perfect except for one weave pole error each day. On the first day, she ran by the weave pole...
NeverSayNeverGreyhounds · 7M ago

CKC and DCA Trial - Riley

Riley Bridesmaid has been the bomb!  Two more double qualifiers!  She ran clean 5 out of 6 times.