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New International students · 6d ago

Il Nostro Posto

RNIS dined as guests.We have been here once before. And its in some little cozy laneway called Hardware Lane. Here they have been around for 11 years and have not been found.We loved sitting...
New International students · 6d ago


Fatto is a great Italian place and they have been up and going for a few years now. But they have always been too expensive for us students. That is until their $10 pizza deal came up and th...
New International students · 3W ago

D House cafe

D House Cafe has been around for a while but I never got a chance to try it until now. As a student these prices are reasonable.They are the sister restaurant of the Pancake Dessert House ea...
New International students · 3W ago

Sea Salt in Carlton

This branch has been there for a while now and already they have had quite a few customers. They have been open for many years and I have been meaning to go there but I have not had the chan...
New International students · 3W ago

American Honey at Campari House in short

Campari house have released some new cocktails and not that many new eats. This week's theme is American honey. This honey is quite sweet and the gin is quite sweet and smokey. It is also a ...
New International students · 3W ago

Red Spice's bar pop up Thursday

This is a free event where Red Spice showcases their alcoholic side with a snack. It happens on a few Thurdays of the year.Pale AleA small sample of their latest al
New International students · 4W ago


Cookie is on every foodie in Melbourne's list and I wonder why. I hadn't got around to visiting it until now as I'm always busy or its just too expensive.Since July is normally food and rest...
New International students · 1M ago

Healthy fusion sushi

This place was recommended to me by Curious Charlie who has a penchence for cheap things. Here they were quiet at 3pm when I went. They have a variety of hot meals on offer as well as cold. ...
New International students · 1M ago


RNIS did not have to pay for the curry and the drink but paid for the Pad Thai.Chalawan turned one and they are still going strong. This is a place in Collingwood known for good Thai food an...
New International students · 1M ago

M Yong Tofu revisited

M Yong tofu has been around for some time now. I have heard from a friend that they changed management and that the food is much better.One Saturday night I went with Friends A, B and C. The...