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New International students · 6d ago

UMSU's night market and Xian Foods

UMSU have their annual night market and this was the first time that I have been. Here they have 19 food stalls and all of them was really full except for the roti one. The roti was really g...
New International students · 1W ago

Animal Orchestra

This place is right outside Melbourne Uni in Carlton. As a student I did not get much of a chance to visit as RMIT is in the city.The place is in a small old style house which makes it reall...
New International students · 2W ago

MFWF: Script bar and bistro

Script bar and Bistro is in Southbank where Melbourne Uni is and the Arts centre. On a Tuesday night they were not too busy and I was waiting for a tram which was inconsistent to take me to ...
New International students · 2W ago

MFWF: River Graze

River Graze is one of Melbourne's big events which was free for all to attend. There were many tastings and sales.Sauces
New International students · 3W ago

Ajisen Ramen in Hawthorn

Today there was another big protest at work and I wanted to stay away. It was the one about making education free.Ajisen Ramen is a chain store and I heard some good things about it from Con...
New International students · 3W ago

Criniti's in Carlton

RNIS had received a $20 dining voucher from Dimmi and all thoughts are their own.Crinitis is in Carlton and they are an Italian place. They are featured in the Entertainment book at a 25% di...
New International students · 1M ago

Dine with Dimmi: The Mill House

The Mill House is in the city and RNIS got a 50% off the total food bill from Dimmi.This place is in the city and is uber cool. They just opened last year and already people love the enterta...
New International students · 1M ago

Dumplings Plus in Emporium

Dumplings Plus is now a chain store. There used to be just one in the city but now they are all over the place and I wanted to try out the Emporium store which is big and on the lower ground...
New International students · 1M ago

Taco Bill turns 50

Taco Bill has been around for a long time and they have been serving some great Mexican food for generations. Here they are famous for their soft shell and hard shell tacos.There are many Ta...
New International students · 1M ago

Schnitz at Airport West

There is now a Schnitz at Airport West in the newly refurbished food court. Friend A paid for me and I did not have to pay. But Friend A mentioned that they are expensive for a burger. Reall...