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New Life Dialogue · 22h ago

A Moment in Eternity

New Life Dialogue · 2W ago

Prayer: An Everyday Communicaton

While I'm always encouraged that May 4th has been set aside as a National Day of Prayer for the United States, I hope that those who showed up to pray are making this a daily part of their l...
New Life Dialogue · 4W ago

God is Calling You to Himself

Christianity is not about doing things only out of tradition. In its essence, Christianity is all about knowing Jesus and having a close relationship with God the Father, the Son and Holy Sp...
New Life Dialogue · 2M ago

The Precarious Climb and the Dance of Day and Night

New Life Dialogue · 2M ago

"I AM" Calling to You

Everywhere you turn these days is a cause for concern, both in the nation and around the world: the persecuted church and the terrible attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt by ISIS and throug...
New Life Dialogue · 3M ago

Dragon Slayer

New Life Dialogue · 3M ago

True Love and Valentine's Day

New Life Dialogue · 3M ago

A Strong Intent: Author Interview

I'd like to introduce my readers to author Krista Wagner and her first novel, Intent.Krista, can you give us a brief summary of your book. When a bored fast food worker loses her parents she...
New Life Dialogue · 4M ago

On Hearing God's Voice

When you come to the end of yourself and see how much you need God, you may begin the journey of knowing Him. As in any relationship, if you want it to grow, you need to spend time both talk...
New Life Dialogue · 4M ago

Learning Scripture the Visual Way

I can't think of a better New Year's resolution than to embark on the adventure of learning Bible verses in a new and dynamic way! Being an art teacher myself, I know that more and more peop...