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New Life Dialogue · 1W ago

Restoration, Healing and Protection

New Life Dialogue · 2W ago

"Into the Light" Newsletter and FREE Book Giveaway

"Light Designs at Dusk": Finger Lakes   by Anita Estes                                  Light is one of the most marvelous mysteries of this life. The sun glittering on the water like diam...
New Life Dialogue · 3W ago

A Psalm for Parents of Prodigals

New Life Dialogue · 1M ago


I watched with a wrinkle in my heart as I saw a woman in a wheelchair lifted aboard the "Crystal Dawn" set to depart for a sunset cruise from the Outer Banks. When her following decided t...
New Life Dialogue · 2M ago

Fun Adventures in God's Great Creation in the Hudson Valley

New Life Dialogue · 2M ago

The Walking Dead Challenge

New Life Dialogue · 3M ago

Courage to Conquer Your Fears

New Life Dialogue · 3M ago

Memorial Day Freedom

New Life Dialogue · 4M ago

A Moment in Eternity

New Life Dialogue · 4M ago

Prayer: An Everyday Communication

While I'm always encouraged that May 4th has been set aside as a National Day of Prayer for the United States, I hope that those who showed up to pray are making this a daily part of their l...