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New Savanna · 3h ago

Military ontology

.@andrewiliadis on the Basic Formal Ontology and its domain-specific permutations - e.g., Military Ontology— Shannon Mattern (@shannonmatte...
New Savanna · 4h ago

Thank you, Ladies of NCIS [#NCIS]

Ladies of NCIS Daily out now Thanks to @bbenzon #ncis #trump— Ladies of NCIS (@ladiesofncis) September 19, 2017
New Savanna · 9h ago

Pete Turner, colors – the world

Richard Sandomir writes his obituary in The New York Times:Altering reality was nothing new for Mr. Turner. Starting in the pre-Photoshop era, he routinely manipulated colors to bring satura...
New Savanna · 10h ago

On the lookout

New Savanna · 15h ago

I'd be wary of Ken Burns. His jazz documentary stretched the material to fit his myth of America.

Ken Burns has a new Vietnam documentary out. I'd be wary of it. I've only seen one Burns extravaganza, the one on jazz, and that one made me a Ken Burns skeptic. Why? Because I know the hist...
New Savanna · 1d ago

Bus in motion

New Savanna · 1d ago

Deep Learning through the Information Bottleneck

Natalie Wolchover in Quanta:Tishby began contemplating the information bottleneck around the time that other researchers were first mulling over deep neural networks, though neither concept ...
New Savanna · 1d ago

Cheap criticism & cheap defense: Can machines think?

Searle’s Chinese room argument is one of the best-known thought experiments in analytic philosophy. The point of the argument as I remember it (you can google it) is that computers can’t thi...
New Savanna · 1d ago

I think like a Pirahã (What's REAL vs. real)

Something I'd recently posted to Facebook.I just realized that in one interesting aspect, I think like a Pirahã. I’m thinking about their response to Daniel Everett’s attempts to teach the C...
New Savanna · 1d ago

A brief note on interpretation as translation

I’ve come to think of interpretation as a kind of translation, and translation doesn’t use description. When you translate from, say, Japanese into English, you don’t first describe the Japa...