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New Savanna · 1d ago


New Savanna · 1d ago

An Open Letter to Dan Everett about Literary Criticism

If you’ve heard of Dan Everett at all, most likely you’ve heard about his work among the Pirahã and his battle with Noam Chomsky and the generative grammarians. He went into the Amazon to li...
New Savanna · 2d ago

The Greatest Man in Siam

The Greatest Man In Siam by jazztoonThis is one of my favorite cartoons. I've blogged about it quite a bit, and have packaged those posts into a working paper. About 2/3 of the way though th...
New Savanna · 3d ago

A bird and the city

New Savanna · 3d ago

The rise of interpretive literary criticism

In various posts I've pointed out that interpretation didn't become central to academic literary study until after World War II. We can see that in the following Google Ngram chart on the ph...
New Savanna · 4d ago

Donald Trump: Pop Star as President

If Elvis Presley had been elected President of the United States, what kind of president would he have been? We now know: Trumpian. If Michael Jackson had been elected President of the Unite...
New Savanna · 5d ago

Fathers and sons

This is a fascinating little video. It's an interview with Paul Cohen, who played lead trumpet for Count Basie for years and years. The two men were very close; Cohen thought of Basie as a f...
New Savanna · 6d ago

Distort in context

This photo just got a 'favorite' at Flickr:I'm pretty sure the 'fav' had more to do with Distort than with the photograph itself. I'm fine with that.
New Savanna · 6d ago

Preview: Meaning in Conrad's Heart of Darkness

Here's another draft fragment from my open-letter in progress. This fragment centers on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.* * * * *Now I want to look at a particular example, Joseph Conrad’s...
New Savanna · 1w ago

Another shout-out to Anthony Bourdain

I've enjoyed both the episode on Tokyo, and that on Detroit, episodes 7 and 8 in season two of Parts Unknown. Tokyo:Like a lot of non-Japanese, obsessed with Japan, Japanese food and Japanes...