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'New to Me' · 1Y ago

Yea! A week of birthday celebration~

The pic on the right is her first taste of cake...not so impressed.  Lol I flew in a day before her first birthday and had a few days to help mom get everything ready for her party the follo...
'New to Me' · 1Y ago

My first week in Cool, California

Now remember, I had not held this precious grand daughter since she was 9 days old, so I had a whole year to make up for~ Time to unpack and pull out the handmade goodies....a little crochet...
'New to Me' · 1Y ago

What a way to start the New Year!

 I spent 3 weeks in Cool, California with my youngest daughter and her lovely family. What an adventure that was. I was there for a few 'milestones' with my grand daughter  Penelope Lee.   H...