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New York Times Fashion · 14h ago

The New Punk Look: Lacy and Colorful

Traditional leather is replaced by vibrant hues and very visible underpinnings.
New York Times Fashion · 1d ago

Bella Hadid, a Covered-Up Cover Star for Vogue Arabia

The supermodel was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, five months after her big sister, Gigi, was on the magazine’s debut issue. She, too, is causing a stir.
New York Times Fashion · 14h ago

Critical Shopper: Tom Ford, Where the Rich and Famous Go to Look Rich and Famous

Other retailers experiment, but this designer has found a style that works for him: unapologetically expensive.
New York Times Fashion · 1d ago

The Sweet Spot: Sometimes It’s Hard to Accept That the Kids Are All Right

A mother worries that her daughter’s live-in boyfriend, though funny and personable, is manipulative, materialistic and ignoring the biological clock.
New York Times Fashion · 1d ago

The Great Crystal Boom of 2017

How did crystals go from a New Age curiosity to ubiquitous accessory in the luxury wellness world?
New York Times Fashion · 1d ago

Party Coverage: Scene City: Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams Performed at Apollo in the Hamptons

The benefit at Ronald Perelman’s Wainscott estate was a hot ticket. Guests included Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Chris Rock and Rashida Jones.
New York Times Fashion · 1d ago

On Beauty: The Familiar Promise of Health and Happiness in a Bottle

Suddenly, just like during the 19th and 20th centuries, beauty products aim to cleanse not just our bodies, but our souls as well. But why?
New York Times Fashion · 2d ago

Skin Deep: Salma Hayek Isn’t Trying to Fool Anyone

Why she doesn’t color her hair or follow a strict diet. And: her favorite D.I.Y. face cleanser.
New York Times Fashion · 3d ago

The Look: Hong Kong’s Cinematic Style

“I wanted to capture photos that were cinematic because I am very inspired by the cinema of Hong Kong,” said the photographer An Rong Xu, who visited Hong Kong this spring.
New York Times Fashion · 3d ago

Trump Tower, a Home for Celebrities and Charlatans

Michael Jackson lived in Donald J. Trump’s gleaming Midtown edifice. So have gamblers, a disgraced dictator, a Ponzi schemer and a stock huckster.