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Newly Creative · 13h ago

Snapshot Girls Photos

I belong to a Ladies Photography group called Snapshot Girls.  Each month we submit 5 photos on a theme.    January's theme was Christmas  
Newly Creative · 3d ago

Developing sketchbooks as a rich resource

I recently attended a workshop, Developing sketchbooks as a rich resource organised by Becca from Textile Explorations.  We had an amazing two days with Amanda Hislop.  Lots of photos to fol...
Newly Creative · 1w ago

Book of Trees

I know! I said I wouldn't do any more online classes but anything about making books has my name on it!  I signed up for Roxanne Evans Stout's 'Book of Trees'. I put pieces of fabric on each of these torn pages made of watercolour paper. And put pa...
Newly Creative · 1W ago

Exhibition Sneak peeks

Eeek!  After planning and working since last April the first Traverse exhibition is almost...
Newly Creative · 2W ago

C2C Playbook

I have blogged about some of the work I did at the end of January at the Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play already. [Click on the Unlocking the Mystery label at the bottom of this post ...
Newly Creative · 2W ago

February in my EveryDay Journal

I have kept my EveryDay Journal going throughout February.   It's a mix of planner/diary/j...
Newly Creative · 3W ago

Steph Redfern workshop

I recently attended another workshop by Steph Redfern at the RBSA.  I did a couple of workshops there with Steph last summer.  This one was called Fabulous Forests.  The inspiration was tree...
Newly Creative · 3W ago

Lent Words: Compassion

Following on from Mary Brack's Advent Words last December, Mary was asked if she would lea...
Newly Creative · 4W ago

A new Art Cloth

Yeah!  I finished the art cloth I started at Littleheath Barn in the Autumn of 2106.  You ...
Newly Creative · 1M ago

Collages at C2C

In my earlier blog post about playing with 6 pieces of paper to make random collages I ended up with this piece. I photocopied it in black & white. I enlarged this and made several copies.   I cut two of the copies and joined them together. I then...