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NewsGram · 6M ago

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh Wants Canada to Rein in Radical Sikh Elements

New Delhi July 21, 2017: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday stressed the need for Canada to rein in the radical elements trying to use its soil to spread strife and divisiveness...
NewsGram · 6M ago

Indian American Lawyer Neomi Rao to lead White House Regulatory Affairs Office

Washington, July 11, 2017:  The US Senate has voted to confirm Indian American lawyer Neomi Rao as the head of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) at the Office of Management...
NewsGram · 6M ago

Hindus Prefer Birth Anniversaries Over Death Anniversaries

July 23, 2017: Hindus celebrate birth anniversaries more than death anniversaries. We can easily observe people celebrating the birth of various Gods like Ram’s birth, Krishna’s birth, Hanum...
NewsGram · 6M ago

Lipstick Under My Burkha: Celebration of Girl Code and The Bond of Female Friendship

Alankrita Shrivastava’s ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ is possibly the most talked about film of 2017 The film celebrates womanhood and all that comes with being a woman  The film shines in port...
NewsGram · 6M ago

Some Beauty Hacks to Rule This Monsoon!

July 23, 2017: A lot of people love monsoon, the smell of mud it produces, falling raindrops and its mesmerizing effect. Nevertheless, it is essential to protect your body, hair, and skin fr...
NewsGram · 6M ago

The Beggars of Igoeti Village Become Coin Catchers

July 23, 2017: Igoeti, a village lying 40 kilometers northwest of Tbilisi has now seen its beggars turning into coin catchers, using magnetic sticks to collect coins tossed by motorists pass...
NewsGram · 6M ago

Beware Expectant Mothers! High Fat Diet May Disturb Your Child’s Mental Health

The findings showed that an unhealthy diet creates health problems for expectant mothers, alters children’s development of the brain and endocrine system Exposure to a high-fat diet during g...
NewsGram · 6M ago

NASA Declares Safety Rules For The Forthcoming Solar Eclipse

NASA has recommended the use of basic safety standards for people who plan to view the solar eclipse  More than 300 million people in the US potentially could directly view the solar eclipse...
NewsGram · 6M ago

The Reason Why Dog is Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are often called the Man’s best friend A recent study shows that friendly dogs share a similar gene structure with people who are socially hyper These people, who suffer from William-Be...
NewsGram · 6M ago

Martin Luther King III: US and India are seeing rise in Hate Crimes

Martin Luther King III, a social activist, and reformer spoke at the inauguration of a Congress organized conference in Bengaluru He highlighted that US and India are both seeing rises in Ha...