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Nights of Passion · 10h ago

Let Me Extend Your TBR Pile by Heather Novak

It has been an awesome month for book releases from my friends! Here are some of my favorite books that have hit my Kindle. Jenny Hale FINALLY, another Summer book is here for me to swoon ov...
Nights of Passion · 1d ago

A Storm’s a Coming

As a kid, thunderstorms always fascinated me. Every chance I got I’d be watching them from the garage. I loved the sound of rain pounding the windows and roof. No surprise that as an adult, ...
Nights of Passion · 1d ago

Oops, Late :p

Okay, so I totally forgot that it was Tuesday, lol. That’s what happens when I’m planning to take over the world with my writing   So my plans are as follows to get more people onto my platforms. This month … Continue reading →
Nights of Passion · 2d ago

Summer Solstice Paranormal-Scope

The Summer Solstice brings people together, inspires change, and opens the heart to adventure. While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked t...
Nights of Passion · 4d ago

A List of a Literary Nature By Ripley Proserpina

Summer Reading Lists! The best part of summer is the time to read. Though having kids means the beach is WORK, I still have a long list of books I’m looking forward to. What’s on your readin...
Nights of Passion · 5d ago

Are You Successful? What Does that Mean?

  One of the things that stops us from doing the things we really want to do, the things we dream of, is when we compare ourselves to others. We are all different and that is wonderful. When you team … Continue reading →
Nights of Passion · 6d ago

A Hectic Summer by Stacy Hoff

Last summer I worked hard to keep up with my writing and publishing schedule. I swore that would be my last summer spent working day and night on my books. Apparently, I lied. This summer is...
Nights of Passion · 1w ago

Books: My Instant Vacation by Heather Novak

So, there I was, moving along, starting to write again, enjoying the warm weather that has finally graced Michigan, when the time came to bury my mother’s urn. (And, yeah, we’re burying it b...
Nights of Passion · 1W ago

Emotions in the Writer’s Mind

In general, we tend to think of emotions as what we feel and what can at times, drive us to act. For example, we may eat ice cream or some sort of “comfort” food because it makes us feel hap...
Nights of Passion · 1W ago

Still Radishing by Mandy Rosko

So I’m pretty sure I’m doing the whole Radish thing properly.   In case you missed last we...