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Nights of Passion · 21h ago

My Sexy Saturday Love Who Makes My Heart Hop: The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais by Susan Hanniford Crowley

I like to participate in the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop. This week we are all talking about that sexy love that really gets the heart pounding, the guy who turns your head when he walks in th...
Nights of Passion · 1d ago

Release Week Recovery by Stacy Hoff

Whew! I’ve had so much going on. This past Wednesday (3/22/17) was release day for BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS, book 1 of my BUILDING LOVE series. I’m been doing enough promo to turn me into a babbling, drooling, fool. It’ll … Continue reading →
Nights of Passion · 3d ago

Never Enough Time

As we know it, time is finite. Yet many of us live life as if it is infinite-preoccupied mainly with the things that appear to be important but maybe aren’t as important as we make them out ...
Nights of Passion · 4d ago

They’re Here! :D by Mandy Rosko

So my two boxes of books came in. One of them was just under 30 pounds, which was crazy, but they are here and I am loving them.   I’m also learning that the ribbon I bought to wrap them … C...
Nights of Passion · 5d ago

The Dead Musicians Paranormal-Scope

May their music be resplendent in heaven! I remember BB King. I was at one of his concerts and he said, “It’s my birthday, so I’m going to keep on playing.” What an amazing concert. Now Chuc...
Nights of Passion · 6d ago

Bob’s Your Uncle! An interview with UK author RM Walker. By Ripley Proserpina

Have you ever read a book where the character pops off the page, stands next to you and wh...
Nights of Passion · 1w ago

My Sexy Saturday Heroic Hero Blog Hop: When Love Survives by Susan Hanniford Crowley

This was a tough one as each of my heroes in my books are heroic. I think I got a little confused with the directions of whether the hero has to be sexy while being heroic. I think being her...
Nights of Passion · 1W ago

Release Week! by Stacy Hoff

Release day is here! Well, almost here—this Wednesday (3/22/17) is only a few days away. BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS, the first book of my BUILDING LOVE series, will finally be released! Yea! I feel like I just birthed … Continue reading →
Nights of Passion · 1W ago

No Shortcuts

A couple days ago, my kids and I watched Trolls, the latest family hit from Dreamworks. This isn’t the first or second or third time we’ve seen this movie-nope, this movie is already pretty ...
Nights of Passion · 1W ago

Found Spelling Errors in Printed Books by Mandy Rosko

And I don’t think it needs much explaining that the printed book in question is my own   God, it was almost enough to drive me to drink. The first one I spotted was just a tiny one, one so …...