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Ninety Miles · 1h ago

All French Wine Is Really California Wine...

More Interesting Facts, Amazing Facts And Just Plain Crazy Facts:The Time Traveling TwinsNature Has Crashed... Please Reboot...Camouflage?
Ninety Miles · 3h ago

Blue Districts And Crime Rates - A Positive Correlation...

No Wonder Democrats Want Give Convicted Criminals The Right To Vote... They Are Almost All Democrats...Why are all mass murderers Democrats?Voter ID? With 300 Million People In The U.S., It'...
Ninety Miles · 5h ago

At A Campus Near You...

Antifa Activist Punches Reporter, Gets Arrested on Camera4Chan Is Terrorizing ANTIFA And It Is Hilarious!Murderous Antifa attacker and coward identified, Charges filed. Evidence provided. Th...
Ninety Miles · 6h ago

US Army reveals a machine gun-wielding robot that could be used to storm Kim Jong-un’s formidable beach defenses

A MUTT robot, armed with a machine gun, undergoes testing in harsh territory in the USThe driverless robots can crawl through both sea and sand and could be used as the first line of attack ...
Ninety Miles · 7h ago

George Soros Attempts Coup In Macedonia Parliament

A George Soros organization stormed the Macedonian parliament on Thursday, violently attacking politicians as part of an attempted coup. Supporters of the movement “For The Common Macedonia”...
Ninety Miles · 8h ago

Gavin McInnes Reads Ann Coulter's Speech at UC, Berkeley

Ninety Miles · 11h ago

Morning Mistress

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Ninety Miles · 14h ago

Hot Pick Of The Late Night

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Ninety Miles · 15h ago

Berkeley Hates Free Speech, & The March For Science...

Ninety Miles · 18h ago

Girls With Guns

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