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Ninety Miles · 15m ago

Girls With Guns

There Are More Sexy Girls With Guns HERESuper Deluxe Girls With Guns Collection #2 
Ninety Miles · 1h ago

.@Liz_Wheeler exposes @lsarsour Dangerous Sharia Law: Atrocities 😱perpetuated on women

.@Liz_Wheeler exposes @lsarsour Dangerous Sharia Law: Atrocities 😱perpetuated on women by Islamic Supremacists— EAGLE WINGS (@ConstanceQueen8) June 22, 2017
Ninety Miles · 3h ago

Happy Ramadan!

May you be buried in Bacon!More critical issues about bacon:Bacon - This Blog's Radical Muslim RepellentBacon Decision Chart
Ninety Miles · 5h ago

Mark Zuckerberg Simulates Being Human...

Zuck vs. Trump: The Real Issue Is ImmigrationDonald Trump calls out Mark Zuckerberg on immigrationMark Zuckerberg: Appeaser Of Evil...
Ninety Miles · 6h ago

Federal ‘OPT’ Program Rewards Companies For Hiring 330,000 Foreign College Grads in 2016

The federal government quietly helped and rewarded companies and universities which hired roughly 330,000 cheap foreign graduates in 2016 instead of hiring American graduates, many of whom a...
Ninety Miles · 7h ago

Progressive BrainWashing In The 21st Century...

I WILL MAKE THEM LOVE YOU.The Brainwashing..Democrat Propaganda Group Shareblue Has Ties To Chinese Government, Host Of Foreign Special Interests
Ninety Miles · 9h ago

No, You Don't Get To Shoot Us And Then Demand To Disarm Us...

You Only Have The Rights You Are Willing To Fight For...The Dick Act Of 1902 Invalidates All So-Called Gun-Control Laws.Grand Funk Railroad - Don't Let 'Em Take Your Gun (If they do we're do...
Ninety Miles · 11h ago

CAUTION: Graphic Depiction Of ACTUAL Retards...

2nd Amendment Math For Libtards...Feelings Are Not A Protected Right... Pansy Assed Libtards...Changing Labels...Same Libtards
Ninety Miles · 12h ago

How Democrats and the media manufactured the Russia/collusion story out of absolutely nothing

If you don’t already read him, I want to highly recommend the Wall Street Journal’s Holman W. Jenkins. One of his tremendous strengths as a writer is that he sees past the prevailing lines o...
Ninety Miles · 13h ago

Allied Sniper takes out ISIS fanatic in Iraq with TWO MILE shot – the longest confirmed kill ever recorded

A HERO sniper took out an ISIS fanatic with an incredible 11,300ft shot – measuring two miles – the longest confirmed kill ever recorded.A member of Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 killed the in...