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No Limit Sound Productions · 11h ago

Q. Can USB pen drives be used as a cheap way to record audio?

By VariousSomeone suggested that I could use a USB pen drive to record audio on my laptop. Is this a good idea? How fast are they, and is it really a cheap way to separate my system and a...
No Limit Sound Productions · 1d ago

Korg microLAB Online

No Limit Sound Productions · 2d ago

Q. How do I approach the process of mixing an entire album?

Over the last couple of years I've mixed quite a lot of songs, but only single tracks here and there. Now I'm about to mix an album, and I'm wondering what would be the best way to do it. ...
No Limit Sound Productions · 2d ago

Adam Holzman talks about the SV-1

No Limit Sound Productions · 5d ago

Q. Which entry-level Sequencer should I choose?

I'm looking for advice about a software sequencer, mainly to record guitar, electric bass, basic keyboards and banjo, plus some small use of MIDI sampling to provide backing tracks and may...
No Limit Sound Productions · 6d ago

Jeff Babko of Jimmy Kimmel Live takes us backstage to talk about Kronos

No Limit Sound Productions · 1w ago

See what Josh Devine (of One Direction) does with Korg ClipHit!

No Limit Sound Productions · 1W ago

Q. Do I really need 24-bit recording?

Is 24-bit recording any better than 16-bit recording in a home studio, given that the only qualitative difference is (apparently) the noise floor? In 99.9 percent of home studios, this di...
No Limit Sound Productions · 1W ago

Korg Electribe Sampler

No Limit Sound Productions · 1W ago

Q. Where should I put my violas?

I'm going to be recording a string section. I'll be recording the section using both close-miking and a Decca tree in order to have maximum recording flexibility. We'll be doubling a lot o...