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No Limit Sound Productions · 19h ago

Introducing KORG minilogue

No Limit Sound Productions · 19h ago

The Korg Group Education Controller 5 (GEC5)

No Limit Sound Productions · 19h ago

Q: How do you connect a mixer to a PC?

Referring to your article in Q&A from SOS January 2007, regarding a basic home recording setup, can you connect the Yamaha MG102C, which you suggest, to a PC directly? If so, how?  The ...
No Limit Sound Productions · 3d ago

NAMM 2016: Greetings from the KORG USA Booth

No Limit Sound Productions · 5d ago

Q: Should I mix on high-end headphones or low-end monitors?

I don't really want to get into a discussion about whether or not you should mix on headphones, but I'm wondering whether I'd be better off with a pair of Sennheiser HD600 (or similar) he...
No Limit Sound Productions · 6d ago

KORG DS-DAC-10R + AudioGate 4 - Everything You Need for DSD Recording & Vinyl Archiving!

No Limit Sound Productions · 1w ago

Multi-core Processors For Musicians

By Martin WalkerSome music applications will completely fail to take advantage of the multiple cores of a modern CPU - but which ones, and why? We find out, and advise on how you can make...
No Limit Sound Productions · 1W ago

Q. How should I compress a classical recording?

I recorded a performance of Handel's Messiah recently, and I was wondering what the common practice is when compressing the whole mix in classical recordings. During the session, I put a c...
No Limit Sound Productions · 1W ago

KORG Gadget Version 2.0 supports ALL iOS devices

No Limit Sound Productions · 1W ago

Q. Why so many digital audio formats, and what are they for?

There are so many ways of connecting equipment these days, such as S/PDIF, ADAT, AES-EBU and MADI, not forgetting good old analogue. What are all the digital connections for?  SOS Forum p...