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No Such Thing As Was · 6h ago

Field Recordings at Literary Hub

The nice folks over at Literary Hub are running the title essay of Field Recordings from t...
No Such Thing As Was · 2d ago

click-clack pop-BOOM

Stubblefield grew up in Chattanooga, Tenn., where he taught himself how to play the drum...
No Such Thing As Was · 3d ago

This Grand Show

A few of Richard Renaldi's terrific photographs from his exhibition This Grand Show at Benrubi Gallery in New York City, from Spring 2014. Renaldi captures that dissolving line between heralded arrival and slow departure, amusement and abandonment, a...
No Such Thing As Was · 5d ago

More on "The Performanest Man"

Lately I've been reading everything I can about, and listening to every recording of, the ...
No Such Thing As Was · 2W ago

Heading West

Mississippi River. Illinois/Iowa. February.
No Such Thing As Was · 3W ago

Another Notable for Nolan

Every baseball fan knows the name Ron Bloomberg. If for nothing else, he'll be forever remembered as the first Major League player to bat as a Designated Hitter. On April 6, 1973, Bloomberg stood in against Boston Red Sox ace Luis Tiant, and drew a b...
No Such Thing As Was · 3W ago

My Life's a Mess

Five years years ago, Pete Townshend published a memoir, Who I Am, which I liked at the time but which hasn't grown on me well. Though stuffed with some terrific details of 1960s rock star c...
No Such Thing As Was · 3W ago

Bar, Lincoln Square, Chicago

Sunnyside Tap. Western Avenue. Chicago IL.
No Such Thing As Was · 3W ago

Enjoy Life

Spring Training games start in twenty-five days.Roberto Clemente, 1962. Image by © Bettmann/Corbis
No Such Thing As Was · 3W ago

Traffic stopped. Drivers honked. Woman ran up and touched him: the Legend of Guitar Slim Onstage

I love this passage about New Orleans legend Guitar Slim in Randy McNutt's terrific and overlooked book Guitar Towns: A Journey to the Crossroads of Rock 'n' Roll:He attracted thousands of c...