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nonamedufus · 12h ago

Paroxysm Paradox

The weather was unseasonably warm for October. The sun set around 6:30 but the daylight hours were quite enjoyable. So thought Richard, as he set out for his daily walk in the woods. He marv...
nonamedufus · 1W ago

What's In A Name

The old man down the street was terrible to the children. When the kids frisbee landed on ...
nonamedufus · 2W ago

Poor Ronald

Ronald was a lucky lad. When he was four his parents perished in a hot air balloon inciden...
nonamedufus · 3W ago

My Back Pages - September

The five books I read in September raised my yearly count to 44 books - 6 away from my anticipated 50 books by the end of the year. I'm sure I'll make it.I started the month out with a new t...
nonamedufus · 1M ago

I'll Be Here

nonamedufus · 1M ago

My Back Pages - August

I'm slipping. Only four books this month. I've adopted a slower pace in August, at times going several days without reading. Nevertheless those four books bring my year-to-date total to 39 b...
nonamedufus · 1M ago

What's That Smell?

Bob and Henry were archeologists and were on the verge of the discovery of their lives. On the uninhabited island of StickMyFinger Innit they were about to become the first explorers of a gi...
nonamedufus · 1M ago

To My Amazing Wife on Her Birthday

No need to be concernedLike they sayIt's only a numberAnd while it may sound triteIt's tru...
nonamedufus · 2M ago

Ode To Ignorance

"I can't pronounce it let alone put it in a sentence"Said dufus of lachrymose and so henceHe went back into his teepeeWhere he started to get weepySo decided to do a rain danceThis week's Tw...
nonamedufus · 2M ago

What's In A Name (2)

Last week I told you a little story about Convivial, a little girl who made a lot of friends. What I didn't tell you was that she had a little brother named Dack. He had a last name that he ...