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Nonsensible Shoes Politics from the right, trying to save what's left.
Nonsensible Shoes · 3d ago

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (Guinea Bissau)

Guinea Bissau is different from Guinea.
Nonsensible Shoes · 4d ago

Friday Musical Interlude - Moving In Stereo

The Cars, Moving In Stereo from their 1978 debut album.
Nonsensible Shoes · 5d ago

Democrat hypocrisy effectively reduced to a single picture

N.Y. governor Andrew Cuomo takes part in an anti-gun "die-in" protest, while surrounded by armed guards.  Two-faced hypocrisy. Duplicitous, nanny-state paternalism.Just, wow.Gov Cuomo joins ...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1w ago

Tillerson out at State: doesn't mean much, but...

President Trump has fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State today. In minutes Tillerson will be on CNBC talking about it.  It seems they had opposing views on a few issues, most notably Ir...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Sunday verse

Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Shocker - president Trump to talk with North Korean leader

There's shock on the Left that president Trump's tough talk on North Korea has led to Kim Jong Un's apparent willingness to both talk, and denuclearize the Korean peninsula.Via the BBC: Nort...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Jobs Report, 300k+ wow-ness

Non-farm payrolls beat expectations by over 50% in February! It's the biggest hiring spree in 2 years and yet inflation thankfully, has remained muted.  After a record low African American u...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Friday Musical Interlude - A Change Would Do You Good

Sheryl Crow's hit from all the way back in 1999.
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Conservative Insurgent Thursday delayed

I'm hoping to get today's episode of Conservative Insurgent Thursday completed later today, as we've been sidelined by a veterinary emergency. Meanwhile, here's a video by the last Conservat...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Turnstile White House not necessarily a bad thing

A lot of people look at the Trump administration and see a lot of firings and resignations and think it's a sign of chaos.  But it's not necessarily a bad thing. The specifics of the reason ...