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Nonsensible Shoes Politics from the right, trying to save what's left.
Nonsensible Shoes · 4h ago

The Injustice Department

Via Politico a story on how those within the Justice Department discussed collusion against a Trump electoral victory. Both agents had been part of special counsel Muller's Russia probe, evi...
Nonsensible Shoes · 5h ago

Saturday Learning Series - Palestinian Lie

A video from a few years back about the Palestinian Lie.
Nonsensible Shoes · 7h ago

Paul Krugman's laughable election night economic forecast

NYT economist and blind political partisan Paul Krugman on election night 2016 predicted that the end was nigh for the world economy as a result of Trump's election. So wrong, so wrong.Krugm...
Nonsensible Shoes · 7h ago

It's Freedom of association, stupid

YouGov has a poll out indicating that Americans are 'torn' between religious freedom and something they refer to as marriage equality.  It's rife with flaws. First and foremost, this is not ...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1d ago

Friday Musical Interlude - The End

In response to Newt Gingrich's dread that the GOP is about to collapse in 2018, today's feature Friday Musical Interlude is The Doors' The End from 1967.
Nonsensible Shoes · 3d ago

Democrat wins in Alabama: This is a real problem

Last night Republican candidate Roy Moore lost the race for the Alabama senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. A Democrat won in Alabama. Time to panic. Well...maybe not. But there is a serio...
Nonsensible Shoes · 5d ago

If you can't win in the court of public opinion...blow something up?

President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. He won the election, he represents America in terms of foreign affairs. Some people just cannot handle those facts.  Their so...
Nonsensible Shoes · 6d ago

Sunday verse

Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Friday Musical Interlude - For Al Franken

Sweet Sisters version of the Ray Charles staple, Hit The Road Jack.
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Buh Bye, Franken

Today Al Franken has proffered his resignation from the senate, while taking a swipe at president Trump and also Alabama senate Republican candidate Roy Moore. Yawn.  You were never nearly a...