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Nonsensible Shoes Politics from the right, trying to save what's left.
Nonsensible Shoes · 17h ago

TrumpCare / RyanCare on the bubble

The Republican health care bill is either the lite version of the craptastic Obamacare law, or else it's the first step in a path towards a real repeal and replace bill that solves real prob...
Nonsensible Shoes · 3d ago

This just (sinking) in...

In the first two parapgraphs in this article in The Intercept the words "no evidence are used twice; FROM MSNBC POLITICS shows to town hall meetings across the country, the overarching issu...
Nonsensible Shoes · 3d ago

Sunday verse

Nonsensible Shoes · 5d ago

Friday Musical Interlude - Some long forgotten 1971

The long forgotten Mamy Blue by the Pop Tops. Although not the original, I think this is the original English version. Perhaps this should have been left long forgotten.
Nonsensible Shoes · 6d ago

Trump's own long game

Liberals (Democrats) have shown their cards.  They are going to oppose, block, frustrate and impede president Trump on every front, on every day.  As I mentioned previously, this is a strate...
Nonsensible Shoes · 6d ago

The liberal long game on climate change

You might assume that the long game on climate change by the elite on the left is to get people invested in Carbon Trading schemes which is nothing more than a tax.  In other words the goal ...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1w ago

How do I know Democrats are socialists? Easy.

It really is easy to derive when you think about it - in the United States, Democrats are socialists.  Or at a minimum they are blindly moving the country towards socialism and don't even re...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Quote of the week

I'm going to go ahead and give the Quote of the Week to Robert Tracinski at The Federalist, even though the week has basically just started. NPR, for example, accused Pruitt of questioning ...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

This week: Democrats promising a showdown on "x"

If Democrats want to be taken seriously on the wall, maybe they should consider at least finally passing the rest of president Trump's nominees for secretaries.  RollCall says Democrats are ...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

WaPo: Panic at the Propagandists' Place

The liberal pulse of Washington D.C., the Washington Post is seemingly aghast and panicked at their own headline about president Trump looking to rollback federal government employment, call...