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Nonsensible Shoes Politics from the right, trying to save what's left.
Nonsensible Shoes · 10h ago

Friday Musical Interlude - pop hits, vintage bossa nova style

Very smooth.
Nonsensible Shoes · 23h ago

The Hill's story on Mueller, is the story

This story in political website The Hill, is really in and of itself, the story. Much has been written about the prosecutorial prowess of Robert Mueller’s team assembled to investigate alleg...
Nonsensible Shoes · 2d ago

Newsweek Delivers Democrat Fantasy Scenario to Still-Frothing Liberals

This. Is. Inane. Blather. Sure, it's been more than 340 days since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, but there's still one very narrow, highly unlikely and entirely unprecedented way that ...
Nonsensible Shoes · 2d ago

Russia Collusion: Clinton-Obama style

A report in The Hill reveals that there was collusion with Russia, and there was a cover-up.  It's just that the perpetrators were not anyone on team Trump: An American businessman who work...
Nonsensible Shoes · 5d ago

Sunday verse

Nonsensible Shoes · 5d ago

Knee jerk liberals versus Harvey Weinstein.

Whenever somebody asks me to describe modern liberalism (as opposed to classical liberalism, which is entirely different) in one word, I always ask if I can use a hyphen.  That's because my ...
Nonsensible Shoes · 6d ago

Saturday Learning Series - Fire in micro gravity

What happens to fire in free fall? Or in space?
Nonsensible Shoes · 6d ago

Friday Musical Interlude (late) - Genesis remix

Just some dancing to a remix of Genesis' hit I Can't Dance.  Due to some technical issues (or sleep), I was unable to post this on time (by Friday end of day).  So I've retro-fitted it to ye...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1W ago

Hillary Clinton is appalled (once again).

Remember the good old days when Hillary Clinton was appalled at Donald Trump instead of her donor Harvey Weinstein? Or for his views on immigration? Now that her donor and dare I say friend...
Nonsensible Shoes · 6d ago

NFL. better late than never, but uh, weak

Roger Goodell has finally realized that maybe players should stand during the national anthem. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday wrote a letter to all 32 league owners regarding the ...