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Nonsensible Shoes Politics from the right, trying to save what's left.
Nonsensible Shoes · 7h ago

Friday Musical Interlude - Let's Stick Together

I've shared this Wilbert Harrison song (Let's Stick Together), recently but you gotta love this dance competition entry that's worth the revisit to the song.
Nonsensible Shoes · 1d ago

Washington Post slanders Steve Bannon for supposed flip flop

In an article today, Washington Post highlights Steve Bannon's disavowal of white supremacists in a seemingly impromptu interview with progressive magazine The American Prospect. In the arti...
Nonsensible Shoes · 2d ago

Congratulations Me

Over the last couple of days, I'm not exactly sure when as I had not been paying attention, I passed 1.5 million page views on this blog.  I never thought I'd reach a mark like that.  And th...
Nonsensible Shoes · 2d ago

CNN bias unabated, despite president Trump's correct prediction.

CNN's Jim Acosta's rant about president Trump's incorrect extrapolation of events is sadly ironic; ...Acosta said, “The president has an issue…when he is challenged on something that he fee...
Nonsensible Shoes · 2d ago

Left hysteria and fake news on Charlottesville

The left-leaning media has tried to rip the president over the unfortunate violent events at Charlottesville. Let's be clear on a few things(1) President Trump is no more to blame for the vi...
Nonsensible Shoes · 2d ago

So.....Comey lied?

It looks like Comey knew about the tarmac conversations between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.  Either that or he was incompetent and not fit to lead the FBI. I'd argue both. But this goes ...
Nonsensible Shoes · 5d ago

Sunday verse

Nonsensible Shoes · 6d ago

Saturday Learning Series - Fibonacci Sequence

I've posted on the Fibonacci Sequence before, but it's worth revisiting out of pure mathematical interest.
Nonsensible Shoes · 1w ago

Yet another right of center voice being silenced

Seriously? Again with the politically correct power tripping? How do I start a more open-to-freedom-of-opinion version of YouTube so I can take all of their business?Via Gateway Pundit: Pro...
Nonsensible Shoes · 1w ago

Real diversity vs SJW diversity

Diversity. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Today, people who call themselves liberals insist that America (or the West in general) is not diverse e...