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Nor Cal Performance · 2d ago

Frozen Irish Coffee

Frozen Irish CoffeeServings: 2-4INGREDIENTS2 cups strong black coffee, cooled1½ cups sweetened cream3 ounces irish whiskey1 bar of chocolate, meltedPREPARATIONPour coffee into ice molds and ...
Nor Cal Performance · 5d ago

10 Reasons Why Engines Lose Power Over Time

There are four things a gasoline engine requires to generate power and almost any engine problem will come down to something relating to one of these four factors. 1. Air 2. Fuel 3. Compress...
Nor Cal Performance · 1W ago

Matt & Bruno Explain The Benefits Of EDT Everyday Diesel Treatment

Boost Power & Performance with EVERY Fill-Up- Boosts cetane up to 7 points- Maintains clean injectors- Increases fuel economy, improve power & performance- Prevents rust & corrosion- Clean e...
Nor Cal Performance · 1W ago

The Original Stiction Eliminator - Featuring Willie & Kevin

- Restores 9 out of 10 “Failing” HEUI Injectors- Reduces wear by up to 62% more than our competitors- Removes 50% more stiction than the leading competitor- Improves Power & Compression- Rep...
Nor Cal Performance · 2W ago

Matt & Bruno Explain The Benefits Of Diesel Extreme

Dirt and water in your fuel system steal the power from your diesel. Your engine needs an extreme cleaning. Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Extreme is a new and powerful formula designed to rejuven...
Nor Cal Performance · 2W ago

The HOTTEST Oil Additives On The Market

Stiction Eliminator (oil additive):• Extremely strong cleaner and superior lubricating agent• Cleans all sludge/oxidation (stiction) from entire oil system• Dramatically reduces wearFR3 (oil...
Nor Cal Performance · 3W ago

Clutch, How Does It Work ?

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside a car when you press the clutch pedal? Or why do you need to press the clutch pedal before you shift gears in a manual transmission car? This ...
Nor Cal Performance · 3W ago

How It's Made - SPARK PLUGS

How It's Made - Spark Plugs - Season 11 - Episode 2 (2008)
Nor Cal Performance · 3W ago

How To Use ABS For Traction Control

How to Use ABS for Traction Control. Part of the series: Lessons from a Car Expert. The acronym "ABS" stands for "anti-lock brakes." Use ABS for traction control with help from an expert in ...
Nor Cal Performance · 4W ago

Calling Chase Elliott Fans. Introducing, #NAPAGoldenNines

Chase Elliott fans really Know How to show their support. So if you’ve done anything like shave a No. 9 into your hair or name a family pet after Chase, post your photos or videos with #NAPA...