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Nordljus · 1d ago

The magic of mushrooms

Finally, summer is over, and one of my favourite seasons has arrived. The gorgeous colours of the autumn, the softer light, the cooler, fresher air... Such a relief after the hot and stiflig...
Nordljus · 2W ago

A Month in Polaroid: The August Break 2017 - Final Week

Can you believe that it's already September? August just flew by! To be honest, I'm glad it's the end of summer. August was far too hot and humid for my taste. Now, that the temperatues have...
Nordljus · 1M ago

A Month in Polaroid: The August Break 2017 - Week 3

Here's last week's photos for the August Break challenge, again, all taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 and a Polaroid SLR 680.
Nordljus · 1M ago

A month in Polaroid: The August Break 2017 - Week 2

Here's my second week of the August Break challenge. As last week, all the photos were taken with my two vintage 1970s Polaroid cameras, a SX-70 Alpha 1 and a SLR 680. If you'd like to see t...
Nordljus · 1M ago

A month in Polaroid: The August Break 2017 - Week 1

I've been away from my blog for a bit, spending a lovely holiday in Dorset in July and then just taking it a bit slow in the summer heat. But for August, I've taken my Polaroid cameras out o...
Nordljus · 3M ago

Just practising

Thank you everyone who commented and shared their views on blogging on my last post. I am glad that there are still many of us out there, who value blogs and are continuing blogging.I've bee...
Nordljus · 3M ago

Leaf portraits - and some thoughts about blogging

I have have not posting very much here at the moment. It's not really because I don't want to, or because I'm tired of blogging. Well, I am a bit tired of the design of my blog, and I've bee...
Nordljus · 3M ago

A spring walk

I live in a valley, surrounded by gentle hills and lots of trees, and at the edge of a forest. The forest has been put under protection in 2007 and declared a "regional nature park of nation...
Nordljus · 4M ago

The joy of layering graphite

I am exploring a style, or genre, that I have admired for a long time, but always felt too intimidated to really try myself - botanical art. I very much enjoy the loose and expressive styles...
Nordljus · 5M ago

Playing with inks

I meant to continue working on my oil river landscape - and the other two oil painting that I started earlier, but I just felt like laying with ink and mixed media instead. I didn't use any ...