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Northview Diary · 7h ago


Frieland Bama BreezeThe girls didn't seem too impressed with my visit this morning.Maqua-kil Neon Moon
Northview Diary · 1d ago

The Cows Come Home

Mike in the MiddleThis is a 2000 era Farm Side column I dug out to share with a friend and retyped. All winter long I now keep a small flashlight in my jeans pocket, and bathrobe pocket (I h...
Northview Diary · 2d ago

There's irony in them thar hills

This young Amishman is probably not considered a child in his family, but there are many English who would see him as such. However, he was doing just fine handling his pair on this steep hi...
Northview Diary · 2d ago

Lake Montgomery

Needs his face washed I think.....Is a sort of large vernal pond....really not much more than a low spot in the field that gathers water. We call it that because it is right next to my paren...
Northview Diary · 2d ago

Golden Eagle

We saw this guy last night in the cornfield at the bottom of the hill on the east side of Ingersoll Rd. last night if anyone wants to look for it. There was a lot of discussion over whether ...
Northview Diary · 3d ago

Birds of the Week

Male Ring-necked PheasantUnusual Red-tailed Hawk
Northview Diary · 3d ago

Happy Birthday

If you see this guy, please wish him a very happy birthday. Alas, I won't see him unless he video chats me, because he is 3000 or so miles away.Still, we think of him all the time and miss h...
Northview Diary · 4d ago

Got Snows?

As you saw yesterday, we are awash in a sea of snow. It reminds me of winters when we were kids, when you didn't even think of spring until at least the middle of April, and many years even ...
Northview Diary · 4d ago

Got Snow?

Why, yes, yes we do......
Northview Diary · 4d ago

Photo Bomb

We were down at Schoharie Crossing SHS boat launch looking for good ducks, when we spotted a crow carrying something large and tan.I couldn't see what it was with the binoculars, so I turned...