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Northview Diary · 1h ago

Fluffing Hay

Northview Diary · 7h ago

All About Town....or should I say All About Country

Traffic jam!
Northview Diary · 1d ago

The Things You See

Went to the High Peaks yesterday, hoping to experience the changing of the colors. There were some nice trees, but not what you see some years.However.......and it's a big however for me.......
Northview Diary · 2d ago

I can Barely See.....

Near us in the parking garageOh, but it was worth every minute of it. Becky took us to see the High Kings last night at the Egg, and it was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. We ...
Northview Diary · 3d ago

In Case you Wondered

Why I love these little birds....I give you...the Common Yellowthroat. Many of them are just this tame and will come out to look at you while you loo
Northview Diary · 3d ago

How Now, Brain-enhancing Cow

Now and then I get a little mulishSometimes I whine about the research that goes into churning out 1000 words a week for the Farm Side. I've been at it since March of 1998 and there are week...
Northview Diary · 3d ago

Edge of My Seat

I have long followed veteran Bering Sea captain, Jack Molan, on Facebook, mostly because I quickly became enamored of his stunning Bald Eagle know if there's a bird in it, I'm ...
Northview Diary · 3d ago

Farmboi Landscaping

After just enough frost to nip a couple of hostas and one lilac bush we are back to what feels like summer weather...the nicest weather we have had all year I think.Despite not feeling the g...
Northview Diary · 1w ago

Montgomery County Sundae on the Farm 2017

Pics from previous SoF. We rode the school bus with this guy. Don't you just love Shorthorns?This is from a couple of years ago, but there will be free wagon rides toda
Northview Diary · 1w ago

Happy Birthday, Mama

How bout that smile!Four Gen, pretty cool, huh?