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Northview Diary · 22h ago

Right Place, Right Time

Got lucky with this photo of the dam at Lock was so pretty there that evening.
Northview Diary · 1d ago

To our favorite Farmer Chick

You know, the young lady who has an incubator in the dining room and lambs and ducks and turkeys and chickens and guinea hens and quail and a calf etc. in the old heifer barn.Happy Birthday!
Northview Diary · 1d ago

Too Late for Photos

Sunny Destin, Florida, a place we really, really likedBought some grapefruit in sunny Florida when Alan took us down the last week in December. We ate a bunch of much tastier than ...
Northview Diary · 2d ago

Toasting the Tanks

One of the watermen said that this is 100 feet longer than a football fieldwith each barge being 190 feet long, plus the 1200 hp tugWe ended up at a sort of an accidental party last night an...
Northview Diary · 3d ago


Eastern PhoebeWoke up to dense fog, peeping coming from the incubator, which has been rolling eggs and popping out chicks and ducklings and turkey poults for weeks, and work to do before pla...
Northview Diary · 5d ago

Been Farming Long?

Here in Upstate NY, it would certainly seem so.....
Northview Diary · 5d ago

Grandma has a brand new Tractor

Thanks Alan and Amber
Northview Diary · 6d ago

Breaking Good

Not new, but a favorite, a Savannah SparrowThe unseasonable heat wave broke and left us with cool, bright sunshine with a brisk and vigorous breeze. After all the recent not fun we have had ...
Northview Diary · 1w ago

Up and Down the Pony Trail

The other night at just about sunset the kids invited me to walk the newly mown paths to the pond with them. I couldn't resist the temptation....Our fearless leader forged the trail, riding ...
Northview Diary · 1w ago

I Hate to Complain

Should have known when we saw this thunder cloud gesturing at Heaven that we were in for troubleOh, who am I trying to kid? I am a whiner from way back.However, there is something wrong when...