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Northview Diary · 2d ago


Got up the nerve to call our accountant and explain that my lifeline in all things bookkeeping is no longer here to save me and I don't know what to do. How to fix the mess I make of the boo...
Northview Diary · 3d ago


Is what I have been up to this weekend. Both of my guys have taken me out birding, and I have done several lists. Got two new species for the year, a pair of Hooded Mergansers and a single B...
Northview Diary · 4d ago


Fail.Or maybe not....
Northview Diary · 6d ago


It has come to my attention that it is Throwback Thursday. It is also relapse Thursday so please bear with me. Thinking about painting on ag bags and baleage to deter birds....I hunted out s...
Northview Diary · 6d ago


Talking on the phone with my baby brother. On the mend enough to laugh a bit, if still weaker than a kitten and dizzy and all that stuff.In comes the boss and writes me a note. There is a wh...
Northview Diary · 6d ago

Did Ja Miss Me

The correct answer to that in this family is, "Were you gone?"Well, not far. The boss went to the hospital healthy, for a meeting about the care of an elderly relative, and came home carryin...
Northview Diary · 1W ago


This ragged old cherry tree on our eastern boundary doesn't look like much.The snow has the exact texture of shaving cream. Frozen shaving cream. Round puffs of it stick to everything, but i...
Northview Diary · 1W ago

Pretty Kitty

Becky's kitties like to watch me birding in the yard. I think they wish they could join me. No dice.
Northview Diary · 2W ago

Cool Goose

Not an unusual goose...just our common Rock PigeonEvery day I do my eBird list, usually walking out as far as I can on our own land, taking into consideration ice and temperatures. And wind....
Northview Diary · 2W ago

Ice Storm

So, last night it was supposed to sleet and freezing rain a bit, then warm up and not amount to much. Then suddenly an ice storm warning was announced. Shortly thereafter my folks called tha...