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Northview Diary · 1h ago

Happy Birthday

If you see this guy, please wish him a very happy birthday. Alas, I won't see him unless he video chats me, because he is 3000 or so miles away.Still, we think of him all the time and miss h...
Northview Diary · 19h ago

Got Snows?

As you saw yesterday, we are awash in a sea of snow. It reminds me of winters when we were kids, when you didn't even think of spring until at least the middle of April, and many years even ...
Northview Diary · 1d ago

Got Snow?

Why, yes, yes we do......
Northview Diary · 1d ago

Photo Bomb

We were down at Schoharie Crossing SHS boat launch looking for good ducks, when we spotted a crow carrying something large and tan.I couldn't see what it was with the binoculars, so I turned...
Northview Diary · 3d ago


Northview Diary · 4d ago

Think of a Song Title

Northview Diary · 5d ago


MerlinThe funeral was small but beautiful with a few old friends and at least one new one....the sweet pastor who performed the service. We were very taken with her words of spiritual comfor...
Northview Diary · 6d ago

There is Never

A good day for a funeral...there are fitting days though I guess, and I suppose this one will do well enough.It's cold and windy; the trees are coated with frozen snow that makes them clack ...
Northview Diary · 1W ago

Not New York

California RedwoodsAnd NY kids
Northview Diary · 1W ago

Not the Iditarod

But we have plenty of winter. Some folks and their dogs make the best of it.