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Destination:Unknown · 10M ago

Follow my new blog

Want more?Want to find out how things turned out?Visit Destination Unknown - Part 2 at: to see you there!
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

This is goodbye from Destination Unknown

It is time to say goodbye to all of you! That's right, this will be the final post from Destination Unknown.I've been struggling to keep my blog going over the past couple of years. Perhaps ...
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

To Shut Down or Not to Shut Down?

I've been doing some serious debating over the past year. I question whether I want to blog anymore.It used to be fun, but lately feels like a chore.That's not good.Over the past month, I've...
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

Finding my Zen

I've been a little quiet lately with my writing because I have been slam packed with activ...
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

Are You A Leader?

If I could pick a team of women to be my fantasy besties, I think Sheryl Sandberg would be at the top of that list. She happens to be the COO of Facebook and an incredibly intelligent and relate-able person. She seems to get what it means to balance ...
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

Tales From A Nonprofit Director

Someone once said to me, "Man, you've got it good. Working for a nonprofit must be so much fun."And it is. But it is not easy. Now, before I go into this long diatribe about how hard my life...
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

My Therapist Was Talking to Me

My therapist was speaking to me today. Trying to cheer me up. Reminding me.. motivating me.My therapist is music.I like just about every genre there is out there. I have more random playlist...
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

HEAL Thyself

It started with a little drainage, and turned into bronchitis. Aint nobody got time for that. That damned bronchitis tried to ruin my Valentine's Day and Birthday weekend at the beach. Lucki...
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

Need to Get Out of My Own Head

I work daily at trying to keep my inner curmudgeon at bay. I realize that I have a natural...
Destination:Unknown · 1Y ago

Birthday Week - It's a-coming.

Well, here we are. One week until my birthday. I have to tell you, I have zero expectations and zero emotional pull to this next one. I'll be 43. No big deal. Still in my early 40s, still feeling fairly young on the inside, not looking too old on the...