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notes · 12h ago

Glow In The Dark Toonie

Never let it be said Canadian currency isn’t colourful. Now one of our coins glows in the dark. In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation, the Canadian mint has issued 3 ...
notes · 1d ago

Notes Can Be Broken

Age is a state of mind, or so I thought until 57 years kicked me in the ass this week. Work has always been physical, I credit on the job activity with keeping me healthy, it never occurred ...
notes · 1W ago


Climate deniers who call me “Ecoclown” or Nutstoponder” roll off my back, but when snide conservative lips robotically hurl Libtard contempt in place of independent thought I see red. Those ...
notes · 1W ago

Ponder The Mindset Of Trump’s America

News broke today of Mueller officially investigating Donald Trump for criminal obstruction. Being a busy day I didn’t give it much thought until home from work found this comment waiting on ...
notes · 1W ago

Textured Street Faces

Another gallery of my husband’s Vancouver photographs. This time, textured street faces captured over the past weekend – Enlarge and explore at –
notes · 2W ago

Basement Widow Update

Basement widow hasn’t crossed my mind in a while. Paid a visit after work tonight, snapping a hasty cell phone image of her impressive domain. Research indicates female black widows have a l...
notes · 2W ago

Define “Great”

Originally posted on notestoponder: Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations march to the beat of “make America great again”. Pardon my ignorance but which model of American greatness does Tr...
notes · 2W ago

Thoughts on The Tradition of Political Humor and what it means to be a Conservative

Originally posted on Life Unscripted: I love political cartoons. ?I can be a real irreverent son-of-a-gun when I’m in the mood and a pointed political cartoon is always humorous to me. ?The ...
notes · 2W ago

Vancouver Faces, Dark Spaces

Two distinct photographic galleries shot by my husband. Vancouver faces, followed by dark spaces – Dark spaces – Explore more at – Several weeks a...
notes · 3W ago

Darci Lynne

Last Tuesday the new season of America’s Got Talent aired. Nauseating banter, scripted celebrity judge face time aside, I tuned in because every so often a Darci Lynne comes along.