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notes · 1d ago

More Vancouver

Once again, a gallery of Vancouver photographs by my husband – Go to to expand images and explore his view of Vancouver.
notes · 1d ago

Steveston Sea Lion Stupidity

Anyone who’s seen the program When Animals Attack understand it almost always starts with nincompoops too stupid to grasp imminent danger.Yesterday afternoon the dock at Steveston B.C. catap...
notes · 2d ago

Timelapse, Sagan and Canned Heat

Gorgeous timelapse, dash of Carl Sagan and musical musings of Canned Heat to cheer you up –    
notes · 3d ago

WTF Donald

Originally posted on notestoponder: Earlier this week Donald Trump blithered utter nonsense at a campaign rally in Florida, regurgitating fantasy the following day in Maine. Trump’s outburst...
notes · 5d ago

Street Faces And Night Spaces

Another gallery of my husband’s photographs, shot in and around Vancouver over the past few weeks – Follow this link to explore images in detail –
notes · 1w ago

Garden Spicer

Lisa Kadonaga, a geography professor at University of Victoria in Victoria B.C. thought her friends would get a kick out of “Garden Spicer”. She found a Spicer headshot, blew it up, cut it o...
notes · 1W ago

Knock, Knock America – Anyone Home?

Knock, knock America – anyone home? This is important, hiding behind closed blinds is shameful. Thick coats of indoctrination varnish can’t disguise a dull patina, you’re not fooling anyone ...
notes · 2W ago

Ponder Solar Timelapse

SDO, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory left for work on February 11, 2010. Seven years later and counting, SDO faithfully watches the Sun in different wavelengths. Different wavelengths reve...
notes · 2W ago

Cassini Reveals Saturn’s Hexagon Border

Oh Cassini, have I mentioned lately how much I admire you? In October 2015, defined you as NASA’s unassuming civil serva...
notes · 2W ago


Exasperation plucks my last nerve. I’m tired of politics, climate debate, religious soap boxes, poverty, racial injustice, gender inequality, gun violence and hate. All we do is wring our ha...