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English - Life, Our World, History
notes · 6d ago

Snippets Of Vancouver Night

Gallery of  Vancouver night captured by my husband over the past few weeks –
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Ponder The Known Universe

In 2009 the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) debuted The Known Universe for an exhibit at Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. AMNH and Hayden Planetarium astrophysicists resourced...
notes · 1W ago

Ready To Harmonize Time?

Originally posted on notestoponder: Named after Pope Gregory XIII, the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 – six years after the death of Luigi Lillio, Italian doctor, astronomer and p...
notes · 2W ago

Ponder John Oliver

Want the truth about Donald Trump? You’ll find it on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  
notes · 3W ago

Help Find Planet 9

In January 2016 Caltech astronomers publicly theorized existence of a behemoth ninth planet orbiting the Sun.  Observations of orbital anomalies in the Kuiper Belt (a massive ring of cosmic ...
notes · 4W ago

Ponder Ancient Muslim Tolerance

Originally posted on notestoponder: I doubt many could fathom a world of religious tolerance under Islam. Ancient history lends itself to images of holy war, crusades and religious oppressio...
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My home of 18 years sits on a Vancouver corner near B.C. Children’s Hospital. A tidy middle class neighborhood dotted with parks, worlds away from the 10 minute drive downtown. Traffic circl...
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Sunday Morning Sagan

Pondering Carl Sagan – a Sunday morning post dedicated to the greatest visionary of our time. Five Sunday minutes with Carl Sagan puts Monday morning in perspective. A dose of Sunday morning...
notes · 1M ago

Acoustic Kitty

In 2001 declassified CIA documents revealed Operation Acoustic Kitty. The premise – use cats to spy on Soviet embassies and the Kremlin. Launched in 1961, Acoustic Kitty faced considerable c...
notes · 1M ago

Allow Me To Introduce The Moon

The cosmos doesn’t have to by a mystery, the first step begins with our Moon. Once you know the Moon, cosmic threads unravel with confidence. Allow me to introduce the Moon – Moon phase comp...