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notes · 16h ago

Earth Has An Asteroid Buddy

In 2016 planetary astronomers at the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory discovered a small ( 100 meter ) object moving with Earth around the Sun. Dubbed 2016 OR3, initial s...
notes · 4d ago

Canadian Hearts Fly At Half Mast

This morning Canada woke to news of a nation without Gord Downie, tonight our hearts fly at half mast. Tears ran down Justin Trudeau’s face as he said goodbye to “Canada’s friend”. Speaking ...
notes · 6d ago

CosmoQuest’s Image Detectives

NASA had me at CosmoQuest, Image Detective sweetened the pot. A NASA funded citizen science project seeks public help identifying geographic features in photographs taken from the Internatio...
notes · 1W ago

The Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom 2017

Opened YouTube tonight and found “The Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom 2017” under recommended viewing. Fractals leapt off the screen (thanks to – admittedly, ...
notes · 1W ago

Another Will McAvoy Ponder

  The clip below isn’t new to this blog, I’ve lost count of how many times Will McAvoy’s scene from HBO’s short lived series The Newsroom  graced this page. I vow to post this over and over ...
notes · 1W ago

Escape Into Timelapse Night

Life would be mind-numbingly dreary  without escapes into timelapse night –
notes · 1W ago

Grab Them By The Pussy

America, you elected a swell president A year ago this week, a month before the election, you said “Meh” to “grab them by the pussy”. Nobody cried “fake news”, how could you – Trump’s abomin...
notes · 2W ago

Ponder Human Experimentation Without Consent

Between July 9 and August 1, 1953 U.S. military airplanes flew over Winnipeg, Manitoba, dusting residents with zinc cadmium sulfide. Zinc cadmium sulfide is used as a fluorescent tracer, a w...
notes · 2W ago

Jagmeet Singh and Roy Moore – A Tale of Two Nations

Take a long hard look at Jagmeet Singh. Who is this man, where was the photo taken, does he frighten you, make you nervous? If seated next to him on a flight, would you ask to change seats, ...
notes · 3W ago

New Rule – Ponder Sunday Morning Maher

A Sunday morning invitation to ponder New Rule: The Kremlin Konnection by Bill Maher –