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notes · 2d ago

Shambhala 2017

From Shambhala 2017,  images captured by my husband at the annual music festival near Salmo B.C. Explore and enlarge at –
notes · 3d ago

What is Hate?

Originally posted on notestoponder: Pondering hate has my head in a spin, who decides what is or isn’t hate? The sobering fact being; my views of right and wrong are considered equally hatef...
notes · 1W ago

Billie Jean

Couldn’t nail down when or why it started, all I know is for well over a decade I’ve texted Billie Jean to my daughter every time it plays at a wedding. Sorry Michael, may your tortured soul...
notes · 1W ago

Vancouver Pride 2017

Gallery of my husband’s photographs shot in Vancouver during the weekend Pride celebration  – Explore more and enlarge at –
notes · 1W ago

Find August 21 Solar Eclipse View From Any Location

On August 21, 2017 a 70 mile path of solar eclipse totality crosses 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina. Few of us will be within the filament of total darkness, but hundreds of millions...
notes · 2W ago

Vancouver Street Peek

Through the lens of my husband’s camera, a peek into summer streets of Vancouver – More Vancouver streets at –
notes · 2W ago


The term skyglow evokes poetic images – sunset petticoats of periwinkle clouds caught in flirtatious embrace with plump pomegranate horizons, gossamer tendrils of moonlight skipping playful ...
notes · 4W ago

NASA Honors Second Anniversary Of New Horizons Pluto Encounter

Launched January 19, 2006 NASA’s New Horizons probe buckled down, unfazed by billions of miles between Earth and mission objectives – exploration of Pluto, Pluto’s moons and the Kuiper Belt....
notes · 1M ago

Smallest Known Star Discovered

This week astronomers at University of Cambridge announced discovery of EBLM JO555-57Ab, the smallest star ever identified by science. To ponder EBLM JO555-57Ab, cast an eye of imagination 6...
notes · 1M ago

The Pope Is Fuming

The Catholic Church rarely crosses my mind, there are vastly more important issues to dwell on, but every so often a Vatican news ticker begs pondering. The headline tonight on Vice read “”P...