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Notes from an Evil Burnee · 10M ago

My path to audio stardom - a tiny bit of progress

Hot on the heels of my last blogpost I bring you another narration announcement. Tales To Terrify is five years old, and to celebrate they have published a full-cast audio production of Kim ...
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 10M ago

Spooky tale — Lovecraftian shivers from Ramsey Campbell

My latest narration is now freely available for your listening pleasure at Pseudopod. "Cold Print" by Ramsey Campbell is a story about a solitary gentlemen with a taste for books of a dubio...
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 11M ago

Unbelievably vague mystery

The latest Unbelievable? radio show is a discussion between Mike McHargue (who describes himself as a non-theist Christian) and Ben Watts (an atheist). What, exactly, is a non-theist Chr...
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 1Y ago

Dear Paul, Darwinism is cultural poison.

I spent some time today clearing my email inbox, and came across this heartening missive: Dear Paul: A new survey of more than 3,000 Americans powerfully confirms that Darwinism is...
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 1Y ago

Where is God hiding? (warning: contains sarcasm)

“Atheists often object that God should just make himself clearly obvious if he exists. So why doesn't he?” The above is how a link on Facebook introduces an article in Premier Christianity ...
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 1Y ago

Belief in God is not "properly basic"

Stephen Law's undercutting defeater for “properly basic” belief in God held no sway with his debating opponent Tyler McNabb on last week's Unbelievable? radio show. Stephen Law presented so...
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 1Y ago

What the hell is "Darwinian Eugenics"?

For reasons, I'm on the mailing list of Creation Ministries International. Their latest e-missive comes with this subject-line, "Darwin's death-camp doctors — and dwarfs", with the following...
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 1Y ago

Burnee Spring Links

Jesus and Mo Profound! creatures avoiding planks Fun! God's Most Famous Conversation Ever | God Well, there you go... Imitating a xylophone - YouTube Some people collect stamps. ...
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 1Y ago

The Artist Series: Alexey Titarenko

For my photography friends — Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography has today released the first of his crowd-funded video documentary series on living photographers:
Notes from an Evil Burnee · 1Y ago

Lies, bullshit, and statistics

Tim Harford in the Financial Times, with what could be the most important article of the year (and why I despair of today's media politics):