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Notes from the Pens · 6d ago

Easter 2017 and Bow

It is turning out to be a rather gloomy Easter outside, with stormy weather and rain and skies so dark that there is  very little light in the inner pens. But before it started raining, we m...
Notes from the Pens · 3W ago

You Can Tell It's Spring When....

There are lots of ways that spring announces itself here in the Ozarks.There are the cherry blossoms, blooming forth one at a time.There are the pear blossoms, opening up in clusters.
Notes from the Pens · 1M ago

Primping for the Selfies

Today is such a beautiful, sunny day. Bow and I decided we would go outside together and take some selfies. Before we went outside, I decided to brush my hair. Bow seemed to think that he ne...
Notes from the Pens · 1M ago

Bow Asks Why

It's such beautiful spring weather right now. We're still in February, but already the grass in the backyard is green and unexpected flowers show up here and there.This yellow crocus sproute...
Notes from the Pens · 2M ago

Bow's Birthday Party

Today is Bow's birthday. He is fifteen years old. But we had the party for him yesterday.As usual, we sang the birthday song, blew out the candles, had cake and ice cream and opened presents...
Notes from the Pens · 2M ago

Bow Reenacts Opening a Birthday Card

Bow is almost fifteenBow is not so small anymore. He is almost fifteen. Today, a card came in the mail addressed to him.I handed the card to Bow, and he began to open it.
Notes from the Pens · 2M ago

Is our Territory Big Enough?

I have been getting some odd comments lately on my videos. One woman stated that I should not be allowed to have any more chimpanzees, because my house is not big enough. Well, it's true. I ...
Notes from the Pens · 2M ago

Invading Chickens Bring Reinforcements

Yesterday morning, the chickens from across the fence were back. But this time, they were bolder. And they brought reinforcements.I could see the chickens from a great distance, and they see...
Notes from the Pens · 2M ago

Let it Be

Bow reads about the animal shelters closingWhen I moved to this county, there was no animal shelter. Stray dogs wandered freely in the neighborhood. Every once in a while someone adopted a s...
Notes from the Pens · 3M ago

Not a Pet

In my mind, I expect continuity and consistency and lifelong friends and readers. But in almost every area of life, there is a lot of turnover, and new people show up who know nothing about ...