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Notes from the Pens · 1d ago

Saved One

There were two birds, actually.  They must have been sitting side by side on the low hanging branch of the liquidambar tree as I came by with my reel mower. They startled out of their low pe...
Notes from the Pens · 2d ago

Changing Seasons

Go away for less than two weeks, and everything changes. You leave in the height of summer, when the grass is green and flowers are blooming, and you come back to see drought  conditions, wi...
Notes from the Pens · 3W ago

Summer Delights

For Bow, it's the little things that matter.In the summer, he gets Pickle Ice from his friend Charla.Bow has been getting better at managing the Pickle Ice eating process. I give him a plast...
Notes from the Pens · 1M ago

Bow Gives a Facial

"You keep wandering out in the wilderness!" my daughter said to me. And somebody else corrected her to say that we hardly live out in the wilderness, since all we have is a ten acre hobby fa...
Notes from the Pens · 1M ago

Good Neighbors

Bow enjoying a cookie sent him by a neighborYesterday, there was an internet outage. It was a beautiful day, though, so both Bow and I spent a lot of time outdoors, he in the outer pen, and ...
Notes from the Pens · 1M ago

A Mulberry from the Pasture

I went for a walk this morning, because Bow said I should.
Notes from the Pens · 1M ago

Bow and the Roofer

After the storms come the repairs. And repairs bring with them repairmen. And repairmen are strangers, and strangers need to be displayed at.I had been enjoying relative peace and quiet. Whe...
Notes from the Pens · 1M ago

The Storm and its Aftermath

On May the 27th, two days ago, I had just finished putting the last touches on my video of the essay "Who Are the Flowers For?", when a terrible wind arose and felled one of our trees.It did...
Notes from the Pens · 2M ago

Familiar Guests

Bow likes having guests. But the guests that come need to somehow feel familiar, like family. Sometimes the guests are people that he has seen before many times. Others, he has only ever hea...
Notes from the Pens · 2M ago

Bow's Relaxing Day

Bow had a nice relaxing day today. He went outside and basked in the warmth of the sun, He ate plenty of good food. He met with his friend Charla who brings the bananas and had a nice long v...