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NPR · 7h ago

Easing Shutdown Worries, Trump Relents On Another Major Hurdle

After walking back a demand for border wall funding, President Trump is no longer threatening to stop health care subsidies under Obamacare, as conservatives renew a bid to repeal and replac...
NPR · 8h ago

Venezuela To Leave OAS, Death Toll Climbs After Dueling Rallies

Protests against President Nicolas Maduro, which have been raging for just under a month, show no signs of relenting. Both opponents and supporters of Maduro flooded the capital Caracas on W...
NPR · 8h ago

Trump's Tweets On Court Blocking 'Sanctuary City' Order: 5 Facts To Know

President Trump has called out the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, but the recent ruling on withholding federal grants was made by a single district court judge.
NPR · 8h ago

Overlooked Drug Could Save Thousands Of Moms After Childbirth

An inexpensive drug could dramatically reduce the number of deaths of mothers from bleeding after childbirth in low- and middle-income countries around the world.
NPR · 9h ago

Single White (Rhino) Male Defies Age Stereotypes, Joins Tinder

Sudan has tender eyes, a craggy snout — and not long left to save his subspecies. So, a conservancy posted a Tinder profile for the elderly northern white rhino to raise money for fertility ...
NPR · 10h ago


**Embargoed until Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET. See notes.**
NPR · 9h ago

'It's Not Your Grandfather's LAPD' — And That's A Good Thing

"It was bad for the city. It was bad for business. You can't have a city going up twice in thirty years in flames because of its police department."
NPR · 10h ago

After Back-And-Forth, Ann Coulter Speech Is Off At UC Berkeley

It's disputed who actually canceled the conservative commentator's appearance. The university had called it off before due to security concerns, but backtracked after she vowed to come anywa...
NPR · 10h ago

Turkey Arrests More Than 1,000 In Massive Purge Of Its Police Forces

Just over a week after a vote consolidating President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's power, his government has undertaken a new nationwide operation to detain alleged supporters of last year's faile...
NPR · 10h ago

Boston Champ Juggles Marathons, 5 Kids, Kenyan Farm

The daughter of peasant farmers, Edna Kiplagat was the fastest woman in the Beantown race by nearly a minute.