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nunblog · 5d ago

Pages from the Past: Tarzan and Jane

Me Tarzan. Film detail from wiki commons.Was thinking of the old Tarzan movie. Tarzan and Jane are just Adam and Eve. If there was a Tarzan, there would have to be a Jane.  The animals…they ...
nunblog · 6d ago

The Last Alleluia

We didn't sing it yet. That's because it's my turn to lead the community's prayers today and I am making sure that the day is filled with that untranslated, untranslatable acclamation of joy...
nunblog · 1W ago

Have you met MY SISTERS?

If you follow me on other forms of social media, then you already know what we've been up to: the launch (as of a week ago today) of a new forms of media ministry, MY SISTERS. Already we hav...
nunblog · 1W ago

Yours for a Limited Time Only! [Edited]

Yesterday we said our last earthly farewells to Sr Charitas, who died on the morning of February 1, as quietly as she had lived. My family, too, experienced a bereavement this week, and an u...
nunblog · 3W ago

Preparing for Death #mementomori

Today's Gospel is a rather poignant one for our community in Boston. A woman whose life had been ebbing away with a hidden hemorrhage (which made her ritually unclean) grasps at Jesus' cloak...
nunblog · 3W ago

Keeping Vigil with "Love"

Her name really is Love: Sister Charitas. A missionary for over 50 years, fluent in three languages, she is engaged in the most intense mission activity of her life, speaking a language that...
nunblog · 1M ago

Pages from the Past: The Vow of Poverty

From 2013. Six months after Mom died, the family was dealing with the estate.Statue of St Francis on a hilltop in Assisi.I keep referring to the vows in an objective way, rather than seeing ...
nunblog · 1M ago

Four Kings and a Baby

St Mary Major; 13th century mosaic: Adoration of the Magi, by Franciscan, Jacopo Torriti..On this traditional day of Epiphany (we'll celebrate it liturgically tomorrow), a reminder that "th...
nunblog · 1M ago

Pages from the Past: Following the Star

The Magi’s great question: “Where is he?” I can imagine them approaching the house…Joseph outside, stacking wood or something:“Where is he?” And Joseph: “Come and see!” The Magi (as well as ...
nunblog · 1M ago

An inside look at the LA concert!

In my last post, I mentioned Roma Downey's "LightWorkers" and the camera crew that was present for our Los Angeles shows; here's their two-minute version of our music ministry!