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Obama Cartoons · 2h ago

Help Trump reunite Illegal criminals with their families in Mexico by deporting them

All Americans need to rally around President Trump's effort to reunite illegal alien criminals with their families who live in Mexico.  We must return these prodigal sons and daughters to th...
Obama Cartoons · 9h ago

Liberal put Circus Clowns out of business, but still flock to see those at CNN

Because of protest from mostly liberal leaning groups the Ringling Brothers Circus will shortly close it's doors forever putting hundreds of clowns out of work.  Apparently progressives coul...
Obama Cartoons · 9h ago

Anti-Smitic acts across the country are being committed by dedicated Trump Haters

Those in the media would have you believe that most all anti-Semitic acts are committed by supporters of Donald Trump.  Of course I'm quite sure some are.  But I suspect the vast majority......
Obama Cartoons · 3d ago

We must thank Obama, Hillary and Biden for laying the groundwork for the wall, now Trump can built it

Sometime things have a funny way of working out.  Never did Biden, Obama and Hillary believe that the wall they actually laid the ground work for would be built by a New York... Conservativ...
Obama Cartoons · 4d ago

Gene Huber, No.1 enemy of the Left and Trump Super Fan

At yesterday's Trump rally in Melbourne, Fl the President called a supporter, he had seen earlier on TV to the state.  Super Fan Gene Huber was invited to say a few words to the 10,000+ gath...
Obama Cartoons · 6d ago

Go ahead and make your day

Do something worthwhile this evening and visit Adrienne's Corner. Conservative cartoons, satire and commentary.
Obama Cartoons · 6d ago

The Progressive "Resistance Movement" burns and loots in predominately Democrat areas

Has anyone else noticed that when members of the so-called Resistance Movement aka anti-Trump protestors destroy private property by setting fires, breaking windows, and looting it is always...
Obama Cartoons · 1w ago

Case against former Trump adviser Flynn grows as Russian Vodka and Caviar found at his residence by FBI

In a late night raid, the FBI has recovered 7 cases of Belver Bears Vodka valued at some $7,240 per bottle and 5 cases of Petrossian Royal Ossetra Caviar valued at $3,036 per can at the resi...
Obama Cartoons · 1w ago

Liberals claim it's not necessary to vet Muslims because they are not all Terrorist.

I would agree to let some terrorist into America, provided they are armed and set loose on the streets of Chicago.  Seems to me, this just might solve two problems.One would think... Conser...
Obama Cartoons · 1w ago

The Evolution of Masked Democrat Protesters from 1865 to Present

For some reason, Democrats have a long, long history of hiding their faces when they carry out illegal acts.  Acts that have included lynchings and murders in the past.   And have now... Co...