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Obsolete Gamer Reviews by legendary gamers from the past for games past, present, and future.

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Obsolete Gamer · 2W ago

Geek Salad 005: Gencon Board game Breakdown

Randy breaks down some of his favorite board games showcased at Gencon. J.A. reviews West of Loathing.
Obsolete Gamer · 1M ago

You don't get the show #27: They should have never gave you gamers money

Micro-transactions have been around for quite a while now, but in this episode we talk about some of the more terrible micro-transactions in the gaming industry. We also have a new segment ...
Obsolete Gamer · 1M ago

Clickbait Countdown Show: Let's get dirty!

In this episode we take a look at some of the most sexy video game adds of the last decade. We also look at House Party, a game about hooking up that was so raunchy that Steam forced the dev...
Obsolete Gamer · 2M ago

You don't get the show #26: Christmas in July

With all the sales on games, toys and electronics this summer we decide to celebrate Christmas in July by looking over the top Christmas toys from the 80’s to today. From Transformers to the...
Obsolete Gamer · 3M ago

Geek Salad 004: Video Games to Board Games and Vice Versa

J.A. reviews Star Crusade and Randy talking about video games made in to board games.
Obsolete Gamer · 3M ago

You don't get the show #25: The Copyright Troll

Randy tells us about a new kind of Copyright Troll that has been targeting the YouTube pages of people displaying his game. We also cover how YouTube has become a bastion for people looking ...
Obsolete Gamer · 3M ago

Geek Salad 003: E3 2017 Review

Better late than never, the Geek Salad crew gives their impressions on everything that came out of E3 2017, the good , the bad and the strange.
Obsolete Gamer · 4M ago

The Obsolete Gamer Show: John Robert Matz

We’re talking video game music with award-winning composer, John Robert Matz. He recently earned at GANG award for the indie game, FOSSIL ECHO and has worked on a number of games such as Art...
Obsolete Gamer · 4M ago

The Obsolete Gamer Show: Chris Rickwood

We talk with award winning composer Chris Rickwood fresh off his Reddit AMA about his work on Smite. We talk with Chris about his work on Smite as well as his other work including, Orcs Must...
Obsolete Gamer · 4M ago

You don't get the show #24: Video games are offensive

No we're not going SJW on you, but we do have a couple of games that do enter that realm of offensive. We look at Custards Revenge, Bonetown and Ethnic Cleansing.