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OF MICE AND raMEN · 8M ago

The Last Kite Maker

Sharing this beautiful commercial about Pak Shafie, the last Wau Bulan maker in Malaysia. Pak Shafie has been making Wau for 48 years and to him, each wau is like his family as his heart con...
OF MICE AND raMEN · 9M ago


Oops! I think I must have freaked out the mailman just now! Earlier, after I had put on a ...
OF MICE AND raMEN · 9M ago

Yam? Sweet Potato? Taro?

I was at the market with my neighbours, Pat and Ming, when I told them I wanted to get som...
OF MICE AND raMEN · 10M ago

The Eyes Are The Windows To Your Liver

Did you know that eye problems may indicate an unhealthy liver?According to Traditional Ch...
OF MICE AND raMEN · 10M ago

Finding Dory

Sharing photos of the cookies I made for a dear friend's daughter's Finding Dory themed party.Nemo
OF MICE AND raMEN · 11M ago

Runaway Ostrich on Highway

Now here's news you don't see everyday!PETALING JAYA: An escaped ostrich caused a commotio...
OF MICE AND raMEN · 11M ago

Rice Dumpling Festival

Happy Rice Dumpling Day, pallies! Today, Chinese the world over celebrates the Duan Wu fes...
OF MICE AND raMEN · 12M ago

The Walking Dead

Wait!  Before you give me credit, these insanely jaw-dropping cookies weren't done by me! Yep, you read it right the first time. These are COOKIES! They are the amazing creations of fellow cookier Gerry Marsh. Wish I had half of the man's talent. Do ...
OF MICE AND raMEN · 1Y ago

Precious Moments

My friend,V, is a huge fan of Precious Moments figurines. She has a display cabinet entirely filled up with those adorable statuettes that she has amassed over the years.Can you imagine the ...
OF MICE AND raMEN · 1Y ago


When Rodney was little, he had this cute wee mole above his right upper lip. That was his ...