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Oh Yeah, You Blend · 1M ago

Cover Girl Nina!

Look who’s the cover girl on the AKC Dog Agility Community Facebook page today!
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago


When you have a newborn litter, the days seem much the same, you don’t have to do much except make sure the dam is looked after, keep the whelping box clean, and handle, weigh and monitor th...
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago

7 Weeks Old (and thereabouts)

SO MANY THINGS happened this week! The puppies took their first ride in the car (to visit my work, since they’ll be getting their microchips next week, I wanted their first visit to a vet cl...
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago


Nicole came over with a sheepskin for the puppies’ enrichment item. They were in HEAVEN! They leaped on it and shook it and tore fleece off it (they most definitely would have been excused f...
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago

Puppies vs Egg

Yesterday three of Jim’s graduate students came to visit the puppies. We had them sit on the floor in the living room and let the puppies have to come out of the pen to greet them. I realize...
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago

Clarion Canine Obedience Club AKC Agility Trial

Zhora still off due to needing several sports bras. I cost Nina a double Q today but she is SO HAPPY to be back running. We got a Jumpers Q. Always love judge Candy Nettles! Thanks to Zap as...
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago


How did we get here so fast? The first few weeks seem to pass so slowly, but now they’re changing nearly every day and when you think you should do something with them you blink and they’re ...
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago

Tamarack Lake AKC Agility Trial

Nina and I have been off since the end of September (basically she got her MACH on a Saturday, another double Q on that Sunday, and then we were off for puppies). But since we’re going to th...
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago


…and it was NO thanks to me! As you know if you’ve been reading along, the puppies haven’t been all that interested in solid food. Well between my friend Lynn Uram of CastleGate Shelties (wh...
Oh Yeah, You Blend · 2M ago


They celebrated by getting their nails Dremeled for the first time. Baby food was the reward. They mostly complained about having to hold still, none of them seemed to care about the actual ...