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Old Paper Art · 3M ago

A Thank You Returns

I've been 'under the gun' to get art work completed for the Western Heritage Artists Show and Sale which opens on the 15th of March in Great Falls, but I also owed a Thank You to a patron. I...
Old Paper Art · 3M ago

U. S. Licensed Trader, Browning, Montana

This illustration is from a letter to Judge Charles N. Pray who was the U. S. Representative from Montana, 1907 to 1913. Charlie thanked the Judge belatedly for a box of books the judge had ...
Old Paper Art · 3M ago

A Topical Trifecta

A year ago about this time, I posted a scan of a billhead from Marshall-Wells that involved my remake of a vintage travel poster. You can look at it here. I had intended to take it to the We...
Old Paper Art · 4M ago

Boxcar Rocky

Recently I acquired a couple of pieces of Great Northern letterhead, and although this one is dated 1902, Rocky the Mountain Goat had not yet made his official appearance. He's headed to the...
Old Paper Art · 4M ago

Sody-Licious Too!

Back in 2009 when I was just getting my feet wet with this old paper business, I found two sheet of this letterhead in a large Priority Mail envelope filled with paper from a business in Spo...
Old Paper Art · 4M ago

Bronco Billy visits Virginia City

They loved their fireworks in Virginia City. I have completed several pieces with the same theme, all with various line items for 4th of July celebrations. All are dated in June. In this cas...
Old Paper Art · 5M ago

Shop Dope from Harley Davidson

Like the Willys Knight Plaid Side Sedan, this is a commission for a wonderful patron who decided she wanted a story to tell with a piece of paper. This is what she is getting.This is the pho...
Old Paper Art · 6M ago

Russell Vignettes from the Past

This is a piece of mail art for a couple that were subscribers to my First Day Covers in the 90's. They also purchased a number of Russell related covers from me. I have no idea how many of ...
Old Paper Art · 7M ago

Willys Knight Land Yacht

1930 Model 66b Plaid Side Great SixAlthough the Hendricks Auto Company letter, signed by Mr. J. A. Hendricks himself is dated the 8th of November, 1917, this beautiful high end automobile ca...
Old Paper Art · 11M ago

Shelby High School Class of 1966 Reunion

This is the cover for the 1966 Shelby High School yearbook. Our 50th Class Reunion is this coming weekend, July 15th and 16th. I may have to ask your name, but I have never forgotten a face.