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Olive Tree Genealogy · 9h ago

I Lost 8 Generations! Review Your Old Genealogy Research

I just lost 8 (EIGHT) generations from our family tree...... Extracts of church records I found many dozens of years ago for a marriage in 1785 in England did not give all the data! Last ...
Olive Tree Genealogy · 2d ago

Philetus Sawyer Family Photo Album

8. May Eugenia Ellsworth taken circa 1864-1866 The Philetus Sawyer Family Photo Album from the Civil War era is now online on my Lost Faces website. I rescued this album several years ago...
Olive Tree Genealogy · 4d ago

New York Catholic Records Online

This release from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (NYG&B) includes baptism and marriage records from over 230 parishes across the Archdiocese of New York. There are milli...
Olive Tree Genealogy · 1w ago

Got a Blacksheep Ancestor in New South Wales?

The State Archives and Records NSW website has published Gaol Photographs on their site. This is a must-see if you have ancestors living in New South Wales, Australia between 1870 and 1930....
Olive Tree Genealogy · 1W ago

FOUND WW2 Dog Tag James J. Bell of Idaho

Mick B. wrote to Olive Tree Genealogy with this request to help return a WW2 dog tag to its owner or descendants: Found at Seething Airfield England a dog tag marked James J Bell Number 0-...
Olive Tree Genealogy · 1W ago

Paved Over African American Cemetery

Laurel Cemetery opened in 1852 as the first non-religious cemetery for Baltimore’s African-American community. Many well-known black individuals were buried there, but in 1950 the cemetery w...
Olive Tree Genealogy · 2W ago

Preservation of a Lost Faces Album Part 4

Please see Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 for the start of this process of how I rescue, archive, and publish on Lost Faces antique photo albums I save from disappearing. After I remove all t...
Olive Tree Genealogy · 2W ago

Archaelogists FInd Meieval Coffin Birth Skeleton

Archaeology is fascinating. It can also be sad and poignant. Finding a skeleton can lead to more details on how, why or when a person died than we sometimes find comfortable. Such was the di...
Olive Tree Genealogy · 2W ago

Barking Up the Wrong Tree - What to Do?

Hub's grandfather Bert Holden 1918-2000 If you haven't had this happen yet, you probably will. Your ancestor, perhaps your great-great grandpa, whose lineage you've traced for a decade, tur...
Olive Tree Genealogy · 3W ago

Ephemera for Ralph A. Hamilton Jr.

Once again thanks goes to Annette who sent me these items for a Ralph Hamilton Jr. 1922-2005. Ration Card August 1945 Ralph Hamilton Jr.