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On the Border Life on the Stringam Family Ranches in the 50s and 60s
On the Border · 7h ago

No Small Start: 1878

Teasdale, Utah today.Grandma’s parents, Sylvester and Mary Coleman Williams were married in 1878 and lived in Escalante, Utah until after their first three children, Florence, Gustavus and J...
On the Border · 1d ago

Last Cigarette

My parents weren’t the smoking sort,They told my sibs and me,That in a world of healthy choice,Not smoking was a key.They two went on a buying trip,And left me at my friend’s.(And incidental...
On the Border · 2d ago


1893. The year of the Typhus outbreak in Teasdale, Utah that proved so devastating to my Grandma Stringam’s family.Back to my Grandma’s journals . . .“One and a half years after Father died ...
On the Border · 3d ago

Another Glimpse

Grandma and Grandpa Stringam (circa 1930)Grandma Stringam was born in Teasdale, Utah July 31, 1885. She passed away in Lethbridge, Alberta May 13, 1981 at the age of 95. The things she witne...
On the Border · 4d ago


I spun around.“Your door was open and I called and I called. I even used my ‘foghorn’ voice. But you didn’t answer.”I let out my breath and brushed self-consciously at my cheeks. “Hi, Edith,...
On the Border · 5d ago

Pi Day 2018

And it ends for another year.Can't believe it's come and gone so soon.But we have the memories.And the crumbs . . .Getting started . . .75 pies this year. 75. Yow.
On the Border · 6d ago

Mad March

With gusty winds and snow that doesn’t quit.The segue month that most love (not one bit). That gusty month of March, we call it ‘mad’.But mad or not, it’s the best month that we’ve had.‘Caus...
On the Border · 1w ago


Daddy. Rolling out the barrel.His crew.A major ingredient in recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, casseroles, meats, breads, vegetables.Strong alcoholic drinks.Let’s face it. If you eat. Or dri...
On the Border · 1W ago

Old Mules Rule

It was a cold November morn,And Sid had come to town for corn,But when he passed old Joseph’s farm,He thought there might be some alarm.A crowd of men were packed in tight,So Sid went over, ...
On the Border · 1W ago


I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again: Mom was a terrific cook.But that is only incidental to this story . . .Sunday dinner in the Stringam household usually consisted of some form of baked...