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On the Border Life on the Stringam Family Ranches in the 50s and 60s
On the Border · 8h ago

Crow Holidays

We are vacationing on uber-beautiful Vancouver Island. We are fortunate in that our middle son lives here, so it is a destination. And also a reunion.We are camping. But camping deluxe, with...
On the Border · 1d ago

Not Forgettable

I had been living in the big city of Calgary for three whole days.My roommate got home from work just after I did.“Hey,” she said. “How as your day?”“It was good,” I told her . “I . . .”“We'...
On the Border · 2d ago

Ode To the Purple

I never saw a purple cow,I never hope to see one.But I can tell you anyhow,I'd rather see, than be one.A purple cow'd take you aback,She'd certainly be seen,Among the whites and browns and b...
On the Border · 3d ago


Today, for Poetry Monday, I'm doing a little self-imposed exercise.Fill In The BlanksThis is a little ditty quoted by my sainted mother throughout my growing up years. And a little bit after...
On the Border · 4d ago


The room of learning.One of my favourite classes in high school was Biology.We did exciting things in Biology.Dissected worms.Hid the teachers notes.Dissected deer eyes.Checked each other's ...
On the Border · 5d ago

Cookies and Cutlets

What can I say but Mmmmmm.My Dad taught me manners.I was a slow, but well-fed, learner.Maybe I should explain . . .Dad and I were on a cattle show tour.I say, 'we' but I was mostly useless.I...
On the Border · 6d ago


It was raining.So both Reggie and I had eschewed the great, green outdoors in favour of something warmer and more welcoming to old bones.The front room and the fireplace.Okay, yes, it was Ju...
On the Border · 1w ago

Ruby the Wanna-Be

Our usual Camping buddiesPanda and ChiefyThe InterloperOkay, I admit it. She's cute.
On the Border · 1W ago


I always was afraid at nightWhen Mother would turn out the light,Into the darkness, I would stareAnd look for monsters waiting there.My terror's lasted all my life,E’en after I became a wife...
On the Border · 1W ago

Snow Angels

A guest post by little brother, Blair.Not me, but similar.On occasion, as a teenager, I made choices that lacked caution and or wisdom.Okay, I made stupid choices.On one occasion, I was out ...