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On the Border Life on the Stringam Family Ranches in the 50s and 60s
On the Border · 2d ago

Another New View

The view from my window this morning.What you can't see behind the cloud layer--mountains.Yes, we are on the road again, Husby and me.Jasper, Alberta this time.Library conference/writing ret...
On the Border · 3d ago

Nail(ed) Clippers

This is a confession.Yeah. It was me . . .Mom had a pair of toenail clippers.Large.Effective.Those suckers could cut through anything.Well almost anything.They had sat atop her dresser in lo...
On the Border · 4d ago

Green Hand

It came out of the blue.Or green, as you will soon see . . .Mommy was working at her desk in her office.Little Girl (hereinafter known as LG) was playing at her little craft table in the nex...
On the Border · 5d ago

Soggy, But Triumphant

Front to back: George, Me, Chris, Jerry, Dad and Blair.Look closely. Can you pick out the intrepid swimmer?I had never taken swimming lessons.We simply lived too far from the city (Lethbridg...
On the Border · 6d ago

Something's Sprung

March bows. A wave good-bye, she earns, And April comes and hope returns,That soon we'll see some warmth and sunAnd know that springtime has begun.When colour will return anew,And leaves com...
On the Border · 1w ago


The cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And I do mean Cover!While we're on the topic of modesty . . .Bit of a departure today, because of an experience.I had a swimsuit.I made it.L...
On the Border · 1W ago

The Clothes Down Under

It was a hot summer day.The girl whose family owned the only swimming pool in the town was hosting an impromptu pool party with her friends.One girl came without a swimsuit.“No problem,” the...
On the Border · 1W ago

Early Spell-Checkers

Speller extraordinaireSpeller less extraordinaireOur second son is, in many ways, like his father.It's a good thing.One of the most notable is his ability to spell.Anything. Any time.It's
On the Border · 1W ago


There were tears.Cousins had been playing happily for some time.They had ranged through the house: upstairs arranging the detailed and extensive Santa’s village; the basement with its vintag...
On the Border · 1W ago

Mary's Story Part Four

(A short story of Fiction) ConclusionWe never got the chance to help Mary.Two days after that visit, my husband's mother suffered a bad fall, breaking her hip and causing considerable extra ...