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On the Border Life on the Stringam Family Ranches in the 50s and 60s
On the Border · 3h ago


Admit it. This strikes terror into your heart.For three years, we lived in the ‘Little House on the Prairie’.Really.It was a little house. (Just over 300 square feet.)And we lived in it.My H...
On the Border · 1d ago


A couple of victims clients.Action.
On the Border · 2d ago

A House Divided

It's finally here!The long-awaited sequel to Daughter of Ishmael, A House Divided!Hannah has proved her faith.And her strength.But now she must survive her greatest test.To turn her back on ...
On the Border · 4d ago

For Those Who Lived

Canada's most famous World War 1 poem:During the early days of the Second Battle of Ypres a young Canadian artillery officer, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, was killed on 2nd May, 1915 in the gun...
On the Border · 6d ago

Friends at Long Last

Tangmere. History makes me cry.   ( picture)For over thirty years, my Husby worked for Alberta Culture. Specifically building the great museums for which Alberta is famous.The last ...
On the Border · 1w ago


In a time of barnstormer’s ‘feats-of-skill-and-daring’ it probably would go down as the most spectacular.And the shortest.It was midmorning of September 12, 1922. The townspeople of Goodwin,...
On the Border · 1W ago

Do It

Doing what I do!I blog.And now you're probably wondering why on earth I'm blogging about blogging.Wait for it . . .My blog is a series of short stories about growing up.Huh. Me. Growing up. ...
On the Border · 1W ago

Princess, Me And Leaves

Photo Credit‘Twas just a simple lesson, on that farm outside of town,With Mrs. Schultz, my teacher. She, who smiled, and never frowned.And there, on her piano, I’d perform the things I’d lea...
On the Border · 1W ago


It was HER fault...College years are for making all sorts of mistakes.Right?Well, that's what I tell myself.But this is one I didn't make.My roommate, Debbie did.That's my story and I'm stic...
On the Border · 1W ago


The theme for Poetry Monday is 'Cold'. It seems apropos, as winter has hit my northern Canadian climes with a vengeance.And I can't think of any better tribute than that penned by our own Ro...