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On the Border Life on the Stringam Family Ranches in the 50s and 60s
On the Border · 2d ago

Pebble Debts

Poetry MondayFeeling a bit pensive today,  being away from family and having time to ponder...Yes, I stood there with the crowd,And yes, I joined their actions,But mine were not as bad as th...
On the Border · 1W ago

The First Explore

Four little travelers on their first exploreBags packed and loaded, they close the front door.They wave a good-bye to their cozy home nest,And brimming with eagerness, start on their quest.T...
On the Border · 1W ago

Library Crimes

I rarely look inside my purse.It’s true.I don’t shop. And when I do, it’s so rare, I need instructions about where to slide or insert the little card thingy.I also love to read.All of this w...
On the Border · 2W ago

(Bad)Luck of the Irish

On the Border · 2W ago

The Elves and the Shoemaker

What an amazing experience!The Elves and the Shoemaker was my very first attempt at writing, producing and directing.And I survived.Would I do anything differently?Nope.Enjoyed every uncerta...
On the Border · 2W ago


It's Monday!Time for a little rythm.A little Rhyme.And a whole lotta fun!Our play has wrapped.Today and tomorrow? Memories of The Elves and the Shoemaker:Their parents were all in the cast o...
On the Border · 2W ago

Dadstory: Conclusion

The play is done.It was a great success and so much fun!Details to follow tomorrow--when I've recovered!Dadstory: ConclusionDad was a hopeless clutterer. He was never unclean; just disorgani...
On the Border · 2W ago

Dadstory: Part Four

Two performances of the Elves and the Shoemaker down and two to go.Having such a lot of fun!Wish you were here . . .Dad (left). Mom (right).Part Four:As most parents, I am sure, are wont to ...
On the Border · 2W ago

Dadstory: Part Three

Opening night was amazing!I'm so proud of my little elves and my shoemakers.Three more performances to go.Wish us luck!Dadstory: Part Three Foreground: Two little grandsons.Background: Dad a...
On the Border · 2W ago

Dadstory: Part Two

Opening Night for the Elves and the Shoemaker is tonight!The following days will be--hectic.So for the next few days, Husby will be taking over this blog.With stories of his dad.Enjoy!And I'...