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Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 8h ago

Amazing 'opal ring' !!!! ❤

Look at this !!!A very creative jeweler made this ring !!!Please see this site and you'll fall in love with every piece of his hand-made jewelry ... a true piece of 'ART' ❤http://www.metamor...
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 2M ago

Lovely Queensland 'pipe opal' (^^♪

Our new collection from Australia !!Some lovely, high quality 'pipe boulder opal specimen' from Queensland.All shows high play of color, vividness, strong characters.  
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 2M ago

Bold and Beautiful ...

What can you describe from this lovely 'solid Australian boulder opal loose' ?!?Some calls this a 'picture opal' ...Others may call it a 'boulder matrix opal' ...I would call it a 'gorgeous ...
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 3M ago

I love to draw !!!!

This is a precious, unique and very pretty gemstone no like others !!!https://www.opal-direct.comNatural Australian quality boulder opal usually comes in  :
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 4M ago

Perfect for MEN & WOMEN's jewelry !!

Our new beautiful collection of solid Australian boulder opal loose stone ♬This piece is strongly recommended for both MEN & WOMEN if making in a pendant.https://www.opal-direct.comIf you cl...
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 4M ago

Malayvone Souvannavong's original 'convertible jewelry' !!

Here's our original collection in 'Japanese Pearl Jewelry' !!Centered is a high quality 'akoya pearl' of 8mm (+) ... Exposing the beauty of Japanese pearl but protecting from surface's scrat...
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 4M ago

The beauty of this opal is indescribable !! (^^♪

Words can't be expressed when you find a beauty like this !!To find out more, please check out from below link.(^^)
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 4M ago

Men's Opal Jewelry !!

More and more orders for  'men's opal jewelry' !!How do we take orders from you ?!?Please find below link and follow the instruction (^^) 
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 6M ago

Making 'opal jewelry' with unique 'boulder opal' !!

New order for this unique, solid Australian boulder opal loose stone to make into a pendant has raised. (^^)Well, its shape is very natural and individual, so I would have to ask my jeweller...
Opal Direct ~Rainbow Days~ · 6M ago

I finally found you !!!

New opal loose stone My very favorite boulder opal loose has finally came to me after looking, searching for a quality like this the past 9 months !!