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Organic Ed · 4d ago

The Right Brain Develops First

"Did you know that the right brain develops first? It does so by the time children are four years of age. The left brain, on the other hand, doesn’t fully come online until children are appr...
Organic Ed · 2W ago

An Excellent Response to the Second Reading

Response to the Second Reading of Lord Soley's Home Education Bill in the House of Lords - November 2017From a fellow blogger @ Mini Man's Home Ed Adventures.
Organic Ed · 2W ago

Roam Education

Sometimes people wonder what life is like for home educated children, how our days and weeks look. Sometimes I like to write a post describing our day or our week - just to give an insight. ...
Organic Ed · 3W ago

Are the Kids Alright?

Lords Second Reading happening today."The first essential step is to put a duty on local education authorities to create a register of all children out of school. My Private Member’s Bill, w...
Organic Ed · 4W ago

Learning with Mother

Visiting The Armitt in Ambleside last month, and rifling through items from the Charlotte Mason archive they hold there, I came across this newspaper article from the 1950s. It struck me how...
Organic Ed · 4W ago

A Road Trip

Building on my third son's interest of several years now - the land speed record, and supersonic cars - I couldn't very well let the opportunity to see Bloodhound run at Newquay Airport pass...
Organic Ed · 4W ago

Children taught at home learn more

This article from 2000 popped up on my newsfeed today; not sure why. But the study it cites is interesting in response to the idea that home ed is a middle class phenomenon.Have a read here ...
Organic Ed · 1M ago

Well enough for school?

Who should decide if a child isn't well enough to go to school .... the parents, or the state?
Organic Ed · 1M ago

What would you change about school?

"I am not willing to compromise on advocating for children's right to joy and wonder."Lottie Child, TEDx Dorking"What would you change about school?"
Organic Ed · 1M ago

Feral Families

"This documentary meets three families who are raising their children under the off-grid parenting philosophy. Does a lack of rules make the children healthier and happier, or lead to behavi...