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Organic Ed · 5d ago

Rootless Urbanite

"The whole time I was at school, I wanted to be at home on the farm. I was convinced then, and I still am, that home was a more interesting and productive place to be for me. Making someone ...
Organic Ed · 5d ago

True Unschooler

He is cross with me because I tried to show him something ... "No, don't show me. I want to discover the world myself!" True unschooler!
Organic Ed · 5d ago

Mirrors, Maths and Magic!

"Certainly Anna had a gift ... at once as mysterious as it was simple. She had an immediate grasp of pattern, of structure, of the way that bits and pieces were organised into a whole. Unexp...
Organic Ed · 6d ago


This is the longest my husband and I have lived in the same house. We have been here 4 years! In the first 17 years of our marriage, we moved no less than 17 times. And each move required a ...
Organic Ed · 1W ago

Birthday Time

Littlest son turned 6 today .... How do you celebrate birthdays? How do you create the rituals of celebration which mark the turning of the years? We have an ancient banner which was created...
Organic Ed · 1W ago

Writing Encouragement

When my sons came out of school 8 years ago, one of the big sticking points, particularly for my eldest, was writing. He told me that either he wrote enough for the teacher, but it wasn't ne...
Organic Ed · 1W ago

Towards Minimalism

I haven't been well this winter. For about the past six months, I have been suffering from pain in my upper body, an aching right through my back and chest. It has been really quite debilita...
Organic Ed · 3W ago

Schools Largely to Blame for Rising Mental Health Issues

"While progress has been made, a few schools appear to care more about academic results than the well-being of pupils," writes former head, Peter Tait."The causes of the growing mental healt...
Organic Ed · 1M ago

A Social Justice Issue

I have been thinking about social justice a lot recently. Most of the issues I feel passionately about are issues of social justice ..... poverty, the environmental crisis, the dumping of ou...
Organic Ed · 1M ago

Give childhood back to children

If we want our offspring to have happy, productive and moral lives, we must allow more time for play, not less.Because students spend nearly all of their time studying, they have little oppo...