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Organize This with Style! · 1W ago

Choker Necklaces are Back in Style

Layered Choker NecklacesChoker necklaces are back in style! They were big in the 1940's, 1970's, and again in the 1990's.  Some were bold looks with leather and metal; others were more roman...
Organize This with Style! · 3W ago

Grandma Parrish’s Pickle Recipes: Dill or Bread & Butter Versions

Homemade Pickles Packed Various WaysIn the back of the children’s book Mr. Pickle Goes to Pickle Island, I note learning activities that parents may want to do with their children after read...
Organize This with Style! · 1M ago

A Life Lesson from the American Bald Eagle?

An email with images of eagles and a story regarding them has been going around.  Below is a video that contains most of those images and the associated story.  After you watch the video, yo...
Organize This with Style! · 1M ago

America’s Patriotic Music to Celebrate U.S. Independence

In Church yesterday, instead of the usual choruses or hymns, we sang songs of America.  Since I posted on the Pledge of Allegiance, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on some of ...
Organize This with Style! · 1M ago

Bring Back One Nation under One Flag

Flag of the United States of AmericaIt is almost Independence Day for the USA.  With all the different flags people display and all the different sides of causes citizens jump on, is America...
Organize This with Style! · 1M ago

Red, White, and Blue Summer Desserts

I'm on the Imperial Sugar mailing list so once a month, I get an email of dessert recipes.  This time the email had some cute ideas for July 4th patriotic desserts in colors of red, white, a...
Organize This with Style! · 1M ago

Summer Hair: Ponies, Braids, and More with a Topsy Tail

I get lots of complements on my hair styles during the summer because I try to go for more than just a pony tail or bun to stay cool.  One tool I love to use is the Conair Topsy Tail, below ...
Organize This with Style! · 2M ago

The God Bless Girl Goes To Print!

The God Bless GirlMany people have requested that I publish The God Bless Girl e-book version in print. So everybody with me now - Jump for Joy!  The
Organize This with Style! · 2M ago

Big Red Tractor as Church Analogy

Below is a video short for the children’s book The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village by Frances Chan.  Recently I viewed a one of his lessons from Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Ne...
Organize This with Style! · 2M ago

Eighteen Plus Treats Kids Can Make From Favorite Cereals

Do you need something for children to do while out of school for the summer?  How about putting them to work in the kitchen making their own treats?  I noticed that cereals have become toppi...