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Organize This with Style! · 1W ago

The God Bless Girl Goes To Print!

Follow my blog with BloglovinThe God Bless GirlMany people have requested that I publish The God Bless Girl e-book version in print. So everybody with me now - Jump for Joy!  The
Organize This with Style! · 2W ago

Big Red Tractor as Church Analogy

Below is a video short for the children’s book The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village by Frances Chan.  Recently I viewed a one of his lessons from Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Ne...
Organize This with Style! · 4W ago

Eighteen Plus Treats Kids Can Make From Favorite Cereals

Do you need something for children to do while out of school for the summer?  How about putting them to work in the kitchen making their own treats?  I noticed that cereals have become toppi...
Organize This with Style! · 1M ago

Eighteen Summertime Activity Kits for Kids

Highlights for Different Age GroupsWhen I and my brothers were in grade school, we needed something to do during summer break.  Besides playing outside with each other and our friends, we ne...
Organize This with Style! · 1M ago

Getting Allowance or a Job - What is the Difference?

Do your children get an allowance?  If yes, what do they have to do to get it?  Do they do chores; get the money for having a nice attitude and being good kids, or get paid regardless of eit...
Organize This with Style! · 2M ago

Monthly Zodiac Gemstones and Astrological Jewelry

I have noticed that many of the shopping channels are showing not only standard  zodiac signs as jewelry.  Some are also doing the astrologicalstar formations in jewelry.  It made me wonder ...
Organize This with Style! · 2M ago

Eggs-actly the Treats You Want for Easter

GH April 2017 issueWhen I see a magazine with good ideas, I share it on this blog.  Good Housekeeping Magazine April 2017 issue titled Spring Fun is such an issue for Easter.    The magazine...
Organize This with Style! · 2M ago

Dear Millennials, Fifteen quotes on what employers need you to know

We hear different things about millennials and how they think, work, and play.  People say they are selfish, self-absorbed, and over-share on social media.  On the other hand, others also sa...
Organize This with Style! · 3M ago

The Raggedy Look is IN Fashion?

Can you believe the distressed look (Optional link to informative and amusing article on shredded and/or faded) is back in fashion for clothing?  Some say fashion is an art-form and like art...
Organize This with Style! · 3M ago

What Kind of Idea is No-restriction Restrooms Anyway?

Wait! Before we go making new laws or restrooms, do we already have a usable option as Uni-sex restroom in most public buildings?  I believe they are often called Family restrooms and the si...