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Our Souls Purpose Gratitude,Encouragement,Forgivness, love the life you have!
Our Souls Purpose · 8M ago

Jerry Lewis

As a kid, he was my favorite male actor- Lucille Ball was my favorite female. She still is.  I loved and was quite impressed with Mr.Jerry Lewis. I loved the Labor Day Telethon…. when I was ...
Our Souls Purpose · 10M ago

Dark Places…..Averted

Forgiveness can bring light back into your life.  It will cause you to leave the darkness behind….forgiveness is for you, not them.  This is truth, not just some saying.  It is your lifeline...
Our Souls Purpose · 10M ago

Officially Released! The Gratitude Project!

Our Souls Purpose · 11M ago

Once Upon A Time……..

There was a little girl who dreamed of one day writing a book! She would sit in her room and write in her journal and wonder what kind of book she would write………. Today that little girl is a...
Our Souls Purpose · 11M ago

Pre-Order The Gratitude Project!

Click the picture above to order yours today! Thank you for your support and encouragement!
Our Souls Purpose · 11M ago

Your Reaction Matters….

Defeats are part of our human experience Whether we want to admit it or not. It is just a part of life. They may be small or big, but they are usually present at times. And they seem to pop ...
Our Souls Purpose · 12M ago

Do you love cruising? Disney? Both? Check this out!

So if you have followed my blog for any amount of time you know I love cruising and Disney! And I love talking about them also!  Well I have decided to combine my love of cruising/Disney and...
Our Souls Purpose · 1Y ago

My Friends Are Priceless!

I am blessed to have friends that are priceless…and they are not only priceless to me, my friends are the type of people who are priceless to so many people! My friends are in great demand…b...
Our Souls Purpose · 1Y ago

I love ME Enough!

Forgiveness is such a great word…and action. If only we can get there. I know it is subjective; everyone has a story, one that is so different from mine, yet so similar. No one person is bet...
Our Souls Purpose · 1Y ago


  Our words have power! Everything is made up of energy…. Everything tangible and intangible …. Even our words. So as you speak your words there is an energy leaving your body; going out the...